21 Viral Tweets That Are Funnier Than We Will Ever Be

The world is a chaotic place, and life's been tough for a lot of people recently. But if you survived the week without exploding, you're doing great (relatively speaking). From random photos that make no sense to utterly odd pictures that get weirder the longer you look at them, the online world has it all. But what makes it even more entertaining are the unexpected endings that these hilarious viral tweets offer. And frankly, these tweets are funnier than we will ever be!
Check out these funny tweets that include everything from pot-smoking teens to seemingly innocent love poems that take a sharp turn, sexual fantasies, and even airplane cockpits. They're guaranteed to make you smile and leave you questioning everything around you. So if you need a good laugh, sit back and enjoy the hilarity that the internet has to offer. The world may be strange, but the online universe takes it to a whole new level!


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