21 Times The Dumbest People On Earth Asked Netizens Foolish Questions

The Internet is one of the inventions that has completely changed the world since humans first appeared on Earth. They are a genuinely powerful tool for our current needs. The Internet can answer most of your complex questions by employing algorithms that record other people's responses and responses to our questions. Every day, hundreds of thousands or millions of online questions are posted, and you will not be restricted in the number of times you can be asked. However, that doesn't mean you can ask foolish questions that even aliens can't understand.
We’ve compiled 21 times the dumbest persons asked foolish questions to netizens, as shared by many online communities. Now, scroll down to check them out, and don’t hesitate to share them with your best friends. Let’s get started!

#1. Yahoo Answers might be gone, but we still have Quora

Source: tacolordY

#2. Yes, this is what the world has come to

Source: TheIndianExplorer

#3. It's Quora and not Yahoo Answers but this is still funny

Source: VampireLesbiann

#4. I miss Yahoo answers

Source: discovid19

#5. I mean it's not like March of the Penguins wasn't real

Source: Reddit

#6. The plot holes in Batman

Source: Kirbyderby

#7. Dying in Canada

Source: Kirbyderby

#8. Good Question

Source: Reddit

#9. Rootin tootin n’ spiders shootin’

Source: A_puente_C

#10. That is possible

Source: machinegun01

#11. 15 idiots decided to park on a frozen lake during 45 degree weather r/NoStupidQuestions may have to change their name

Source: Terihfey

#12. What's donkeys name?

Source: YourWorstCringev2

#13. My brain just hemorrhaged. Oh, honey--where to start with this

Source: hurrcutmcguts

#14. LOL

Source: decoolegastdotzip

#15. Elvis is my Dad

Source: Devgel

#16. Thought provoking question, interesting defence

Source: John_Langer

#17. Are eggs real?

Source: MrOreo101

#18. Are eggs real?

Source: BrissyToe

#19. Still my favorite question on Yahoo Answers

Source: themightymagikarp

#20. Guess I’ll die

Source: Memer-BTW

#21. An interesting title

Source: J_S_M_K

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