21 Times People Ignored The Slogan "Safety First" That Will Drive You Insane

The slogan "Safety First" emphasizes that it is always better to be safe than sorry. It may appear to be a simple way out of any responsibility or concern for our own life, yet taking precautions will keep us safe from all kinds of accidents. Each company has guidelines for employees to follow in order to assure their safety and ability to do their work. But somehow, for some reason, many people continue to dismiss "Safety First" and ignore all occupational safety rules. Perhaps they want to see what happens if they do. We're sure you don't want to know the outcome.
We've compiled 21 times people ignored the slogan "Safety First" that will drive you insane. These images are hilarious and weird, but they are also a reminder to everyone to be safe at work. Scroll down to see them and don't hesitate to leave a comment. Remember, "Safety First."

#1. Captain Ladder Has Arrived

Source: zoalcoaltReport


#2. Stairway To Heaven

Source: zoalcoaltReport


#3. Artif Anchor

Source: Milo_from_treesReport


#4. Safety Suggestions Are Overrated, Guts And Sheer Will Suffice

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#5. Just A Small Jump And It'll Move Again, Nothing To Worry About Jim

Source: Same_Ad4736Report


#6. If It Gets Wet You Might Have To Buy A New One

Source: reriasv

#7. Just A Man On A Stack Of Pallets Raised By A Forklift Changing The Bulb On A Street Light

Source: PMmeYourNoodz

#8. I'm On It Boss

Source: chrisaedReport

#9. Padlocked Fire Exit During Office Renovation

Source: HorseWithNoUsername1

#10. Fixing An Ac Compressor On A Level 28 Ledge

Source: mijabariReport

#11. A Signboard For The Blind Next To Bare Wire

Source: qaretiReport

#12. Working Safely

Source: riley4617Report

#13. Something Tells Me Y'all Might Appreciate The Acid Watering Can At My Work

Source: NightmareChameleon

#14. Oops!

Source: NadaMas333Report

#15. If Only There Was Another Way To Get Up There

Source: zoalcoaltReport

#16. Living N The Edge

Source: zoalcoaltReport

#17. Does The Operator Get Hazard Pay?

Source: ExecutiveChef1969

#18. Don't Worry, I Won't

Source: TheUnluckyBardReport

#19. This Is Safe? Right?

Source: Golden_Frog626Report

#20. Looks Safe To Me

Source: kana0011Report

#21. Introducing Donkey-Kong-Arcade-Level Scaffolding

Source: Lvl100Waffle

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