21 Stupidly Hilarious Designs That’ll Freak You Out WHEN YOU SEE IT

Designers' creativity never ceases to amaze and surprise us. You'd think their creativity is limitless and flows like a river, wouldn't you? We agree that their creativity appears to be superior to ours, but original ideas do not always come to them. When they can't think of anything, they tend to be more critical of themselves than we are. They are always capable of coming up with oddly amusing designs on their own in difficult circumstances in order to suit and adapt to reality. However, when creativity spirals out of control, the outcome is disastrous.
Here are some stupidly hilarious designs that’ll freak you out when you see them. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to have a good laugh, and don’t forget to leave a comment below. Enjoy!

#1. I set the alarm off at least twice a week inside my own pocket. All buttons are recessed EXCEPT for panic

Source: digestedbrain

#2. The words they chose to have standout color

Source: hansolo625

#3. Water gets stuck inside the pot lid from steam that won't come out

Source: Novacain420

#4. Either the pipe or someone's inexperience with tiles created a snake toilet

Source: Snoo_90160

#5. The fuel icon on the dash makes it seem like you always out of fuel

Source: Xeumz

#6. Ass hurting chair

Source: krissy_249

#7. The "o" in the word "love" on this box has been replaced by a barely visible heart

Source: AkwardGayPotato

#8. A logo including a globe where Greenland, Iceland, and the UK have decided to fly away into the Arctic

Source: doxysqrl410

#9. The hon orb and shirts this year

Source: a-gay-vaporeon

#10. How do you expect the other dude to go down the staircase?

Source: PrestigiousZombie531

#11. For reasons unknown, South America has completely been replaced by Africa

Source: logstain

#12. Couldn’t figure out why I kept grabbing the wrong size out of the multipack box… then realized all 3 sizes come in all 3 colors!

Source: facemymusic

#13. Happy New Year!

Source: crudolph0828

#14. A bench that doesn't drain

Source: crf865

#15. If only there was a letter in flame that could resemble a flame

Source: dickb0tt

#16. Someone put up this sign on a corner near me

Source: tactiphile

#17. Currently, on a bus driver, they use an environmentally friendly cup, but apparently, it leaks so they just use a plastic Cup beneath

Source: WoooshIfSmallPenis

#18. The planets on my son's new rug have rings that don't go around the planet

Source: AnimationNation

#19. Hmmm

Source: AnimationNation

#20. Batman IRL

Source: izismile

#21. LOL

Source: Pinterest

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