21 Signs That Got Hilariously Lost In Translation

In countries where English isn’t taught in schools or people don’t really use it, business owners must turn to a friend for help. Those who have a good friend who speaks foreign languages are in luck. The others have the same good friend who speaks all languages: Google Translate. And while our universal translator does a great job translating a word from one language to another when it comes to grammar, longer sentences, or expressions, it sometimes fails, resulting in signs and menus from abroad that are just pure gold.
That is why we are happy to bring you a list of some of the funniest signs that are lost in translation, shared by people who have discovered them while traveling. So let's scroll down to give them a look and prepare for hours of entertainment after long and tedious days. Enjoy!

#1. Well, I mean who doesn't love a clean b-...

Source: simonveliky

#2. OMG, poor Paul!

Source: AjamMediaCollective

#3. Are you sure this is just a translation fail...?

Source: unknown

#4. OK, we won't!

Source: rdilaracelik

#5. "We don't care how hungry you are."

Source: justinrosslee

#6. Which will take forever to clean up.

Source: Victorisawesome0

#7. WHAT examination??!

Source: unknown

#8. Shhh!

Source: dailymail

#9. A what house now?

Source: journalistontherun

#10. I wish they have some pictures on this menu, LOL.

Source: BraunFilm

#11. If you're a high-maintenance chick, this is the salon for you:

Source: timmyvee

#12. Hmm...

Source: journalistontherun

#13. I bet it smells nice in there

Lost In TranslationSource: unknown

#14. Crap, crap everywhere!

Lost In TranslationSource: unknown

#15. So should I miss it or not?

Lost In TranslationSource: unknown

#16. Chill...

Lost In TranslationSource: unknown

#17. You're welcome?

Lost In TranslationSource: unknown

#18. What care?

Lost In TranslationSource: runt-of-the-web

#19. Yes, I'd love to have a co-

Lost In TranslationSource: runt-of-the-web

#20. Whatever this is, we don't want any part of it!

Lost In TranslationSource: unknown

#21. And lastly, this fish menu:

Source: superenglishsuratthani

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