21 Pics Proving Kids Never Cease To Amaze Us Because Of Their Special Sense Of Humor

We have often heard that the children smile in their sleep because they are listening to the whispers of the angels. So, whether your life is full of tension or troubles, remember that the smiles of children make you want to start over. They can smear toothpaste on the toilet bowl, get stuck in a chair while playing police and robbers, or sleep with a doormat. It demonstrates that kids have an incomparable sense of humor. That makes us giggle endlessly.
Here is a list of 21 times kids never cease to amaze us because of their special sense of humor. Trust me, you will never get bored of these hilarious kids. Let’s get started and don’t forget to share your kids’ photos. Enjoy!

#1. I Don’t Have Words For How Senseless It Is

Source: kate9871

#2. This Is How My 2.5-Year-Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother

Source: kate9871

#3. When I Was Little, I Thought It Would Be funny If I Used A Bar Stool As A Jail Cell. It Didn't Work Out That Well For Me

Source: slamma69

#4. Kids.....

Source: Holiday-Buy6096

#5. My Son Playing Hide And Seek At My Parents House

Source: ohKeithMC

#6. Mmmm Chocouch

Source: rastroboy

#7. My Niece And Nephew Made Me A Sandwich, Top With Baby Carrots, Panda Chocolate Cookies And Yogurt. They Know Me Well

Source: PosterQ

#8. I'm Thankful For.....

Source: fuck-your-name-rules

#9. Not Sure Of She Was Trying To Hide Or Be Funny But She Fell Asleep Like This

Source: Strange_Increase_373

#10. My Sister Tried To Take A Banana, Failed, Then Ate The Banana Like A Taco

Source: Reddit

#11. My Daughter Got Her Head Stuck In The Door, She Was The One Holding The Door Closed

Source: blacksmithwolf

#12. My Daughter Trying To Hide When She's Supposed To Be In Bed

Source: Damian411

#13. My Niece Fixed Her Hair

Source: sumsum1642

#14. Dad Has What?

Source: LiquidFrets

#15. My Mom Was Given A Jesus Doll As A Gag Gift, And My Niece Decided It’s Her BFF

Source: Jdawg641

#16. He Asked Me For A Straw For His Orange Juice. Minutes Later I Remembered We Didn’t Have OJ And Go Back To See This...

Source: Jdawg641

#17. When Your Three Year Old Tells Man At McDonalds That His Pants Are Falling Down

Source: imblackgrapes

#18. My Nephew Has A Lot To Learn About How This World Works


#19. My Niece, Who I Treated Nicely In The 3 Hours She Stayed, Decided That Doing This To Me Was A Good Idea


#20. My 1yo Niece Tore The Keys Off My Keyboard When I Wasn't Home

Source: gamerjam

#21. Tomorrow Is Exam

Source: u/mejaterbang

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