21 People Whose Bad Days Were On A Whole Other Level

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes it can be downright cruel. We all have days where things don't go as planned, but fortunately, most of us don't experience disasters on a daily basis. However, for the individuals on this list, their bad days were on a whole other level. While some of their experiences may seem humorous in hindsight, others are truly heartbreaking. But regardless of the severity of their misfortunes, these people are a testament to the fact that sometimes life just doesn't go our way. Whether you're looking for a laugh or a reminder to appreciate the good days, these stories are sure to make you feel grateful for whatever luck you currently have.
We have compiled a list of 21 individuals whose bad days took it to a whole other level. Scroll down to see what happened to them! Check out our previous article for more: 22 People Who Got Photographic Evidence Of Tough Luck.

#1. Went outside for an hour on accutane

Source: eileen_likeacholo

#2. My Bio Garbage bag (self composting) didn't make it to the front door

Source: goprinterm

#3. Finished my smoothie from Panera and found a bolt at the bottom

Source: italianpizzaguy

#4. Do I need to say more?

Source: foxandfaun94

#5. GrubHub delivered the pizza I ordered…

Source: VVynn

#6. Flew first class and my seat was covered in someone else's dried vomit

Source: ghostpantsplays

#7. My dog tripped me going down stairs

Source: ghostofatmosphere

#8. Spent 4 days in ICU

Source: T_BagginsEsq

#9. Worst tea ball ever

Source: jayhawkeye2

#10. Spent 24 hours making chicken bone broth, only to make this rookie mistake

Source: brandoesco

#11. They call this a “blend”

Source: AnotherAcctIDontWant

#12. At the bottom of the bag

Source: _neversayalways

#13. 4 bubble teas costing about $36. We didn't get a single sip

Source: EvanMBurgess

#14. Saw this at my local gym last night

Source: gintokuro

#15. Was mowing some tall grass when I ran over something metal and speared my car's tire

Source: IllAardvark1

#16. Leaving the avs game ended up with bat to my car

Source: cynicalsyniec

#17. Dropped a heavy metal plate. Can you guess where?

Source: CezraNJ

#18. These overheated cans not only exploded simultaneously while I was driving but also tore apart the box

Source: notepadow

#19. But it should grow back, right....?

Source: TargetOfPerpetuity

#20. I see your bolt and raise you a fly


#21. Bought this grocery cart/bag and used it one time

Source: JusticeDoppelganger

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