21 Incomprehensible Designs That Will Make You Scratch Your Head And Itch

Billboards with sloppy fonts, a family lion print, horrible speed cameras set up in a city, and a variety of other incomprehensible designs are probably an effective way to relieve stress after a long day at work. Behind that cheerful laugh, however, doubts about how the world works flash through our minds. And then we console ourselves by thinking that it's just designers who are tired of designing within the framework and want to break free, which is why these designs are created. Hope so!
Here's a list of incomprehensible designs that will make you scratch your head and itch. What exactly are you waiting for? Scroll down to see them, and please leave a comment below. Enjoy!

#1. 9 kindergarteners in class. 3 are crying because there's no axe

Source: bsquare_21

#2. Terrible solar system

Source: WhyCantIBeFunny

#3. Someone went crazy with Canva

Source: CocaineKenowbi

#4. A ramp request button on a bus right where you sit down

Source: Mintabulon

#5. There is no way to complete the puzzle

Source: Heam21

#6. This concert poster lineup is a bit rough on the eyes

Source: crickemnugz

#7. Our family lion print

Source: footpickles

#8. Good luck trying to read anything on this $200 globe

Source: QuarterTarget

#9. My Local nut store. Enut Empire

Source: Jon-G1508

#10. Horrible speed cameras set up in my city

Source: xobearface

#11. Stainless steel bench at the beach. The temperature today is 31°c

Source: unfederica

#12. This is Charly's SuperCleaner, and I think Charly had enough of it

Source: WolfishChaos

#13. My kid’s robotics club shirt

Source: hella_guapo

#14. What big news

Source: soundscape7

#15. This looks confusing to me

Source: rodascrl

#16. Sink at an Italian campsite

Source: dschumbo-huanbock

#17. Ok I’m going back to walking cigarettes then

Source: Jurrasicmelon8

#18. The sweater I bought cannot be maintained

Source: FuzzboarEKKO

#19. Panasonic: Green = empty battery, Red = fully charged

Source: thethirdmantiger

#20. One is a toilet cleaner, the other is for washing dishes. Choose wisely

Source: Jonlevy93

#21. When the designer is tired of drawing

Source: Boredpanda

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