21 Hotel And Airbnb Fails That Prove Staying Home Is A Better Idea

After a long time of hard work, people need a recreational trip to alleviate stress and regain their energy. That could explain why the tourism industry is developing at such an incredible speed. Along with that, we also witness the rapid growth of hotels and Airbnb, which offer accommodations (and meals) for foreign and local guests. They are doing a great job of promoting their images online to attract tourists. Because people have to book in advance, they don’t have a chance to look at the room they will be living in in the next few days before making the decision. All they have are the photos provided by hotel and Airbnb owners. That’s why there are some unfortunate situations where the accommodation fails to live up to guests’ expectations and that’s hilariously painful to see.
We’ve gathered 21 times people experienced hotel and Airbnb fails that will have you laughing all. Next time when you go on vacation, be reminded to check reviews from other guests before booking!

#1. "The pool at my hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, those are toilets."

Source: jasonsmithatlanta

#2. Don't think the owner of this hotel thought this through.

Source: pookiemon

#3. "I reserved an Airbnb with Sea View.... can't complain"

Source: weully

#4. "Came back to the hotel room and found this. It's the thought that counts."

Source: joshuambrose

#5. This hotels curtains look like there is blood on them

Source: robloxlegoman

#6. The bathroom in our Airbnb was rather smol...

Source: nevernomuffintops

#7. Painted in a hotel stairwell leading to the fitness center.

Source: Westonhaus

#8. "Girlfriend's view from the bed of our hotel room..."

Source: Jack6169

#9. "These stairs at our hotel"

Source: Zvek_Eagle

#10. Don’t wake anybody up if you’re exiting the motel during a fire!

Source: Coffee4MySoul

#11. “Premium motel”

Source: MercuREEEEEEE

#12. Hotel room in Germany

Source: iVanion

#13. Flat carpet in a hotel in Cologne, Germany imitating a curvy surface

Source: Majoranese

#14. This picture in the hotel lobby looks like pubes

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: Big_Boss_1000

#15. "This was hanging at a hostel I visited in Pai, Thailand"

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: Yuansohn

#16. "The cleaner at the hotel in Egypt made this towel monkey, and dressed it in my used boxers"

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: andydith

#17. It looks like the hotel cart ran someone over and is tracking their blood through the halls.

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: andydith

#18. Went to a hotel, payed extra for a room with bigger TV

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: OfficialFaabs

#19. "Apparently our hotel took our request for a mini-fridge very literally. Banana for scale."

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: MeddlingMike

#20. "My hotel room has a Michael Scott-sized TV"

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: CranberryGuy

#21. This hotel has a mirror on a mirror. Just...why?

Hotel And Airbnb FailsSource: NobodyEpic

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