21 Dark Humor Tweets That You Need To Be A Little Messed Up To Enjoy

Without a doubt, humor is a crucial aspect of life. A healthy sense of humor allows you to fill your days with positive emotions, heal you when you're feeling under the weather, and even nourish you with some health benefits. When we're not feeling our best, something that makes us laugh can help us shift our focus away from the overwhelming thoughts. However, sometimes watching a comedy show just doesn't cut it, so people turn to the one and only: dark humor, especially in the form of twisted tweets. These dark humor tweets will make us laugh like villains.
Yes, it's a controversial genre, as quite a few folks loathe it, yet it certainly acts as somewhat of an emotional release in times of need. So when these "evil-minded" folks decided to share a piece of their minds, we took all that and formed a list for you to enjoy. With all that said, let's scroll down and check out some of the most viral twisted tweets of the year that will make you gasp and then giggle like the inner evil you are; enjoy these Tweets that make us laugh.

#1. The next lucky folk:

Tweets will make us laugh like villainsSource: Margoandhow

#2. Oh Clementine.

Tweets will make us laugh like villainsSource: caliphorniaqing

#3. We reached a fun little milestone this year.

Tweets will make us laugh like villainsSource: ttrandahl

#4. Final words:

Tweets will make us laugh like villainsSource: reynlord

#5. But did you buy it?

Tweets will make us laugh like villainsSource: JohnRMoffitt

#6. OMG, your skincare routine must be amazing.

Tweets will make us laugh like villainsSource: Browtweaten

#7. Amen!

Tweets will make us laugh like villainsSource: jzux

#8. The more you know...

Source: db_witch

#9. "Hours of fun."

Source: danpolydoris

#10. Mirror, mirror on the wall. How do I return you to the mall?

Source: ZachBurrell10

#11. It gotta be done when it’s raining.

Source: Ant_McFlyy

#12. The trauma is real LOL.

Source: Moefire_

#13. There goes the "They look so fun but taste so bad"

Source: lolennui

#14. Jeez, the truth was in front of us the whole time.

Source: roastmalone_

#15. RIP

Source: cursedhive

#16. Has 'Hellraiser' taught you NOTHING?!

Source: HellraiserIM

#17. "Let's keep in touch."

Source: MatAuryn

#18. “Bro chill out, the flu kills more people than a zombie bite every year. Even if I get bit there’s a 98% survival rate”

Source: froglover777

#19. Tired vs. wired:

Source: MNateShyamalan

#20. Swap alcohol for tobacco and it's relevant today.

Source: BeauInMaryland

#21. As someone who once lost count after 12, this is hilarious and terrifying to think about.

Source: pebbut

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