20 WTF Faucets And Sinks That Go Against The Norm

Everything can be weird. Even the things you expect the least, faucets and sinks, can also make you drop your jaws on the floor by how bizarre they look. We don't know why people could ever think of making faucets and sinks so strange, we almost couldn't believe our eyes when we first saw them. But still, there they are, anthurium-shaped sinks, catfish-shaped faucets, sinks made of tires, and so on.
We made a compilation of 20 WTF faucets and sinks even science can't help you explain. Scroll down to see for yourself. If you are hungry for more weird things, check out our previous post here.

#1. Hmmmm wonder what that looks like

Source: Nancypants_I

#2. "Faucet from Turkey , I can't even..."

Source: blondroot

#3. Anthuriums are great flowers! They don't make a good sink shape though.

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: Striking_Wrangler851

#4. $2,500. Completely worth every penny!

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: RegularBubble2637

#5. "Going home for Thanksgiving. Never ceases to amaze me at what my father can come up with"

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: Ziginox

#6. Headlights included!

Source: kolonin

#7. Catfish with a woman's face on its back faucet

Source: Zealousvoyager

#8. This is really damn cool

Source: jademenagerie

#9. It's only this small because it's cold

Source: trainwreck357

#10. "Stop looking at me swan"

Source: Active_Aardvark5255

#11. "I'm gassed out and tired of all these bizarre faucets."

Source: srandrews

#12. There’s no way this works

Source: InstantTrauma

#13. This sink. Spotted on a Facebook ad.

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: Medinaian

#14. Yeah, still not convinced. At a Japanese inn.

Source: Skoll_21

#15. Found the secret map

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: srandrews

#16. Sometimes the steam punk theme follows you home. It’s time to embrace it

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: BeezerSnapper

#17. Ahh, the great state of Texas, with wonderful sights such as- WHAT IS THAT THING?!

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: Severe-Flower2344

#18. Spitting all over

Source: xetaril

#19. "My nose is a little runny"

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: madeofmistake

#20. Low-budget curved faucet

WTF Faucets And SinksSource: erf__ava__o

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