20 Workplace Safety Fails That Seems Ridiculous Enough

The importance of workplace safety cannot be overstated, and we must always be alert to potential hazards. Sadly, not everyone abides by safety rules; occasionally, these individuals take actions that are exceedingly risky. The last thing we want to see are safety failures, but they occur every day all across the world.
Seeing some of the biggest safety failures ever written about or seen on camera is one of the best ways to learn about safety. These illustrations can show us what not to do and guide us away from repeating the same mistakes. So checkout 20 of the most ridiculous working safety fails to have a good laugh, and even learn to avoid them.

#1. Somethin Ain't Right About This

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#2. Dad's Friend Came Across This. Seems Legit

Source: wearing_moist_socks

#3. I'm A Photographer And I Saw This In Downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia

Source: super_nova_135

#4. Tape, Concrete... Same Thing

Source: ChewybacaXD

#5. Gotta Love A Reading Nook That Only Gives You A 50/50 Chance Of Surviving Your First Book

Source: vanlikeno

#6. I'm Not Sure The Wooden Edge Of The Playground Is The Best Place To Store Your Burning, Unsupervised Blowtorch

Source: Birdseeding

#7. Manager Has Zip Tied Our Only Emergency Door Shut For The Past 2 Months Because They're "Tired Of Theives Running Out The Back"

Source: Valladian

#8. We're All Gonna Die

Source: caboose2006

#9. Saw This Ad On Youtube The Other Day

Source: The-Sofa-King

#10. This Is Fine, Right?

Source: aFreeScotland

#11. How To Transport A Pane Of Glass

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#12. There Was A Police Officer Next To That Van Before I Took This Picture

Source: Striped_Sponge

#13. It's Ok, They Have Hi-Viz Vests On

Source: Inane_Endeavours

#14. Found This In An Elevator After The Doors Closed

Source: Alpham3000

#15. Window Cleaners Across The Street. I'm On The 5th Floor. NYC

Source: lazykaru

#16. This Exit Will Expose You To Formaldehyde

Source: BFeely1

#17. Jenga

Source: XRatedBBQ

#18. Glad I Found This Sub, I Have Lots Of Great Content

Source: acryforpeace

#19. The Ac Unit Of Damocles

Source: Tseik12

#20. On The Road In Idaho Today, No Words

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