20 Women Share The Most Stunning Highlights Of Their Pregnancy

There is no doubt that pregnancy is an unforgettable experience. While every woman experiences it differently, they all agree that carrying another human inside their belly is a wonderful, festive, and magical journey during which many stunning moments take place. Honestly, it sounds so magical. But the everyday life of pregnancy is so much more than that. And way less glamorous than the movies want us to believe. Stylish maternity clothes are really expensive and hard to find, and that "glow" that everyone keeps mentioning is more sweat than sprinkles.
To paint you a more accurate picture of what it's really like to grow a human being in your belly, Emily has searched the Internet to find the most memorable moments of several women’s experiences during pregnancy. Let's scroll down and check them all out!

#1. That’s Why We Have Feet

Source: mrsconstancehall

#2. Just Eat It Like That

Source: CommuniCaitRVA

#3. Never Fully Ready

Source: BIF7t2bDYBS

#4. Could Be Worse

Source: CurtisConaway

#5. When You Lose Your Phone

Source: LEtoysInc

#6. Accept Defeat

Source: BbbYMSmlJBn

#7. Extra Clean

Source: BSg2x

#8. Classic Mom Brain

Source: Bab025_nuwp

#9. Not That Kind Of Meltdown

Source: B_VNuh3BWa3

#10. From Sad To Angry

Source: 4kvdmr

#11. Resting Parent Face

Source: byclintedwards

#12. When It’s All That’s Left

Source: Bu3gKQoHaOp

#13. Not A Lego To Be Seen

Source: sameika

#14. Just A Trip To The Store

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#15. Trying To Make Them Cry?

Source: agoobwah

#16. Gotta Put Everything Away

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#17. They Don’t Even Feel The Same

Source: abbeyrd99

#18. The Hotel Dream

Source: paraicodonnell

#19. If That’s What They Want

Source: benstapley

#20. It Goes Both Ways

Source: B_1LwJcgaYG

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