20 Weird Incidents That Were Randomly Captured By Cameras

There are times in life when you'll find yourself wondering, "Is this really happening?" Or perhaps you have come across something that has you wondering, "What are these folks thinking?"
Whether you like it or not, the strangeness our planet has to offer never seems to cease! Only a small portion of the peculiar occurrences that occur every day are shown in these 20 images. Get prepared for some truly odd things as you read on!

#1. You know, this might not be so bad on a sunny day but we bet it sucks when it’s raining.

Source: panterablanco

#2. We’d love to see how this unfolded…if only someone caught it on surveillance.

Source: Neokhor

#3. People love enhancing their rides with cool accessories.

Source: JustCause52

#4. Just imagine if a spitting image of yourself 20 years from now followed you around.

Source: represto

#5. So, experts have been lying to us all along. Here’s proof that dinosaurs still exist.

Source: reddit

#6. We just want to know who’s winning.

Source: sXe_savior

#7. At one time, this man had a thick head of hair. He misses it so much that when he goes to his stylist, he asks her to include a blow-dry.

Source: programmed4this

#8. We can only assume… that the inside of the trash can provides outstanding acoustics

Source: Streetcatto

#9. Triplets, right?

Source: reddit

#10. No, that’s not a reflection of one bald man wearing a blue shirt and glasses. It’s three men who just so happen to look almost identical.

Source: oldmontgomeryflange

#11. Get ready for a wild ride

Source: autisticaesthetics

#12. Is this for real?

Source: tricky3737

#13. What’s the big deal, officer?

Source: polikpolik

#14. No more tears

Source: pr0gramm

#15. That should fix it

Source: imgur

#16. Glitch In The Matrix

Source: imgur

#17. Spitting images


#18. Hanging out with my best friend at the park today

Source: jchangart

#19. Pandemic haircut

Source: imgur

#20. So strange and hypocritical

Source: Streetcatto

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