20 Weird Images Even Science Can't Help You Explain

So sorry to break it to you, but the world you're living in is probably not like what you think it is. At all. It is full of mysteries and weirdness even the most brilliant scientist on Earth can't help you figure out everything you want to know. Why do people act like that? Why are things like that? Why do people make things so absurd? Perhaps these questions are what pop up into your mind while you scroll down to see our list of weird images below.
We made a compilation of 20 bizarre pics to show you how weird this world is. If you want to see more content like this, our previous posts are also right up your alley here and here.

#1. This lady's fingers

Source: Pedantichrist

#2. Why not?

Source: nnelybehrz

#3. What happens when you finger your cuphole?

Source: LuLuWanda

#4. Cursed Shreksy time

Source: marioodessey

#5. Still better than Boston’s new statue tbh

Source: gavarnie

#6. "I was wondering where that went. I’ve been eating only soup with a straw for years"

Source: Kibble-N-Bits

#7. TikTac Toe

Source: XXx1303xXX

#8. What goes in here?

Source: joemoedude50

#9. Mans never seen a nose before

Source: M25commuter

#10. At the bed store

Source: Philotrypesis

#11. ALDI Valentines Gift

Source: Human-Generic

#12. Well that’s a wrap! Hope he has some scissors handy

weird imagesSource: deletethewife

#13. "I guess that 0g of protein on the label is wrong, then."

weird imagesSource: CrisperKoleslaw

#14. Grandpa has some smoking hot pipe for you, baby

weird imagesSource: Stretchy_Labia

#15. Music so bad that you and your GF hang yourselves

weird imagesSource: keith2301

#16. What a horrible day to have eyes

weird imagesSource: Leafblow3r

#17. "Ok, let’s see if I can translate it into English. Short showers! Save water! Every drop, c*nts!"

weird imagesSource: Joshomatic

#18. "Me trying to overhear random conversations:"

Source: FishWithFangs

#19. This is why you can't download RAM

Source: FishWithFangs

#20. Cursed seamail

weird imagesSource: konyguy86

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