20 Weird And Funny Photos That'll Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should

How do you feel today? Do you need a little something to perk you up and laugh? A fabulous laugh is the best way for you to forget all the blues of the previous week to deeply enjoy To help you start a new week with vigor and excitement, we have compiled a list of weird and funny photos that will make you laugh harder than they should. Scroll down below to check them out.

After doing a little bit of diving into the Internet, we chose some of the weirdest and funniest pics, from a picture of two guys standing in a weird position on public transport to $400+ dollar sunglasses labeled "cursive "saved by the Wine". Now, are you ready to have a long belly laugh? Now give these pictures a look. Don't forget to vote for your favorite pictures. And share this list with anyone in your family who may need a chuckle too.

#1. My friend saw this at the doctor's office

Source: caelanga22

#2. Just bros being bros

Source: seven_critical_blows

#3. Lemmy make your art better

Source: RixxFett

#4. You may approach the lizard king

Source: NotMeAgain999

#5. Dads 87 and had to come help and I find this and not him…

Source: notmyfaultooops

#6. Parkour

Source: sum_rndm

#7. $400+ dollar order for the place I work, we can’t send them back lol

Source: richardsolo24

#8. Art is weird

Source: RayTracingOn

#9. It's a meatier shower!

Source: imakemediocreart

#10. Saw this on my way to work today

Source: daisy0723

#11. Nopar King

Source: roadtrip-ne

#12. I think one of my chickens was involved in an explosion…

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: TheScarlettHarlot

#13. Higher prices require higher consumers

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: rdr_rph

#14. A gift from my FIL - My husband filled this out when he was little, he’s in his 40s now

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: Kullito

#15. The tip jar at my local sub shop

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: NESpahtenJosh

#16. Seems to be working

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: whaddef*ck

#17. Cyclops lawyer!

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: mj-century

#18. Pocket dog

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: PaintZestyclose3801

#19. King Tut-uncommon

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: Inevitable_Juice_666

#20. Crawlers indeed

Weird And Funny PhotosSource: runalot88

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