20 Unlucky People Who Didn't Have An Easy Day But Managed To Laugh It Off

We have probably all had to deal with the small and unexpected mishaps of everyday life at some point. Breaking your favorite cup, dropping your new mobile phone on the ground, having the soles of your shoes come detached in the middle of the street, discovering that someone has eaten all your dessert...
All this has happened to the protagonists of our today's article. However, they were not discouraged and found in these situations a reason to have a laugh with other Internet users. Everyone can be involved in sudden bad luck, but the main thing is not to lose your temper and know how to extract the humor our of such misfortunes at yourself.

#1. “I spent an hour roasting this potato to make it perfect. But when I cut it, I found this"

Source: itsSIR2uboy

#2. "Today I wore some old boots and in the middle of the day the sole decided to detach."

Source: Single_Novel

#3. “I don't even know how they got it in there, but getting it out was really hard.”

Source: LateDelivery3935

#4. “My mom broke her tooth biting into a store-bought sandwich. Turns out it had a bone inside."

Source: Educational_Ad1123

#5. "Shit. I was wondering why it wasn’t sanding evenly…"

Source: Jovan Muskoxen

#6. “I ruined a stainless steel pot lid by lighting the wrong burner on my induction cooktop.”


#7. “And the guests are about to arrive.”

Source: Inevitable-Shine-184

#8. “The phone was bought at 10 in the morning and three hours later this happened.”

Source: people_talking

#9. “I broke my favorite cup.”

Source: gucci_noodle

#10. “It's stuck there. I don't know what to do"

Source: Zizi-B

#11. “My son ate all the ice cream and then filled the container with water and froze it so I would think there was still ice cream left.”

Source: treehead726

#12. "My wife bought a perfume today and it turns out that I gave her another one just like it"

Source: treehead726

#13. “I had a strong craving for cookies and this is what I found. I'm married to a monster!"

Source: AlloyComics

#14. “My mom tried to make an Avatar cake for my sister's birthday. It is absolutely wonderful”

Source: Yggdrafenrir20

#15. “I have a splinter under my thumbnail”

Source: Sv182

#16. “The view from my walk yesterday”

Source: heavenstarcraft

#17. “This morning I was so tired that I have prepared water. Happy Monday!"

Source: Hot_Brilliant_899

#18. “I dropped my tikka masala sauce at the store and it shattered.”

Source: typeisyourfriend

#19. “I have been stuck on a train for 12 hours, alone, because of bad weather”

Source: GodofAeons

#20. “Great, how's your day going?”

Source: danaldorini123

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