20 Trashy People Doing Trashy Things

No matter how hard we try to ignore it, there are trashy people everywhere around us, and chances are we'll stumble into some of them at some point. Most of the time, trashy people don't have any depth or significance to their lives, and they try to make up for it by acting in questionably. These people can occasionally make us laugh and boost our self-esteem, but they can also be utterly repulsive and ruin the reputation of all of humanity.
Stupidity warning! Get prepared to view a list of 50 trashy individuals who you won't believe live among us.

#1. Is a comment needed?

Source: Not_Ekta

#2. Shame free zone

Source: I8AllTheToblerone

#3. Can’t say we don’t agree

Source: Niinjie

#4. “A cocaine themed 16th birthday cake”

Source: Reddit

#5. “There has to be a story behind this”

Source: whatthefrenchtoast2

#6. “Friend got married today and this was on her hotel door”

Source: Holy_shnikies

#7. High maintenance cost

Source: Rude_Let

#8. Huggy bear from hell

Source: Nixphoe701

#9. “The murder Hornets may be at your local Walmart!!”

Source: Reddit

#10. Chillin’

Source: ssRussia

#11. “Found this naked-lady-camo Mercedes on my walk today. Complete with actual F-bombs”

Source: pacificindian

#12. So fancy it hurts

Source: Reddit

#13. “2020 is a leap year & it leaped right into some bullshit”

Source: mehhhdusa

#14. It’s not what it looks like!

Source: WillFightForFood

#15. Words of wisdom

Source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#16. Facepalm

Source: jtmacca

#17. “Y’all I don’t know if this is a joke or not but I was disgusted by this…”

Source: Reddit

#18. “Sad representation of America”

Source: stanxv

#19. “I have no words…. I can smell the tan from here”

Source: glisteningmercury

#20. “Arkansas Woman Competes With Florida Man”

Source: plumbranchs

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