20 Times Your Eyes Are Completely Fooled

Have you ever found a picture online and wondered, "What the heck is going on here?" That's because sometimes what we believe we're looking at isn't really what it is. These images might initially appear to be simple snapshots, but upon closer inspection, you'll see that there is more to them than meets the eye. It's time to explore the realm of optical illusions, which is filled with images that will make you wonder if you have good eyesight.

#1. Care for Some Pasta and Guacamole?

Source: look_idk/Reddit

#2. A Slithery Banana

Source: Imgur

#3. This Salad Bowl Looks Extra Crunchy

Source: Imgur

#4. This Cake Looks Delicious

Source: Balikadam/Imgur

#5. What a Yummy McFlurry

Source: Imgur

#6. Someone Must Save That Pupper

Source: DunderGifflin/Imgur

#7. This Might Be the Cutest Petri Dish Ever

Source: chafedog/Imgur

#8. Glazed Donuts Don't Get Any Scarier Than This

Source: loadupthewaffles/Imgur

#9. Beautiful Giraffes Made of Steel

Source: elwynf3011/Reddit

#10. A Dog's Deformed Snout or a Hanging Critter, You Decide

Source: Reddit

#11. What a Massive Orange

Source: Reddit

#12. Quick, Someone Check on This Woman

Source: BunnyAdorbs/Reddit

#13. That's Not a Boat in the Water

Source: imountainisea/Reddit

#14. A Hot Pan Left a Cat-Shaped Burn Mark

Source: Reddit

#15. A Pond Full of Ducks or a Flood With Motorcycle Handlebars Peeking Out

Source: asiandelight/Imgur

#16. The Cat at the End of the Tunnel

Source: BobHubert/Imgur

#17. That Antelope Skull Is Such a Couch Potato

Source: dvz1/Imgur

#18. This Lady Is Just Casually Showing off Her Shrunken Head

Source: BrotherSeamus/Reddit

#19. The Most Adorable Black Hole You've Ever Seen

Source: zorbivore/Imgur

#20. No, This Isn't a Computer Screen With Code

Source: Joostboerman/Shutterstock

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