20 Times You Wondered If These Children Are God's Gifts To You

It has never been an easy undertaking to raise children. There will be no formulas or tips for taking care of the children. No matter how accomplished you are as a master, you can be defeated at any time by these unruly children. The process of teaching a child entails numerous failed attempts at teaching, and these mistakes are often quite amusing. People may find solace in thinking that seeing these children grow up day by day is a pleasant thing. This is also our opinion. However, there will be times when they are not the angels you expect to see, and you will be stressed by the mischief they show.
We've compiled some amusing pictures to warn parents who are planning to have children. But, let's face it, these children are God's gifts to us. They are the happiness and joy of every family. Now, scroll down to see them, and don't forget to share your baby's photos.

#1. I went to the bathroom and forgot to shut the door

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#2. Momming Ain't Easy

Source: _motormichael_

#3. My friend got tired of his kids losing the remotes

Source: danthoms

#4. Mom, he's too hot and he needs a fan

Source: SeriesOfAdjectives

#5. Bring a toddler to a wedding they said, it will be cute they said


#6. Impressive climbing skills. As a parent I would shit my pants, though.

Source: GetALoadOfToad

#7. Challenge accepted

Source: MightyMaddie

#8. Actual photo of me waiting for my daughter to finish her homework

Source: kacydev

#9. "Mommy, let's play army guys. You can be this guy because he's vacuuming."

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#10. Don't let your child use your laptop

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#11. Kept track of how many times my 3-year-old asked me “why?” in one day

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#12.Don't touch anything

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#13.I fed my kid real food for the first time

Source: mgsickler

#14.Mother f**ing 3-year-olds

Source: madeyouangry

#15.My wife cutting my daughter's skirt out of a scooter axle on Mother's day

Source: robinson217

#16.My 4 year old found permanent markers and is so proud that he is now Darth Maul

Source: rdixonp

#17.One picture has never encapsulated my life as a parent more

Source: Captain_Davey

#18.The joys of parenting

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#19.The one and only time I forgot to put up the baby gate before I showered

Source: Mumster

#20.My daughter found the diaper cream

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