20 Times You Need A Good Comparison To Know The Exact Size Of Stuffs

There are many things in the world that surprise us because of their size, either because they are bigger than what we are used to seeing or simply because they are huge compared to other objects. From gigantic animals to impressive buildings, there is something about things of great magnitude that draw us in and make us want to explore more. In this article, you will discover some colossi that the users of the network have found on their way and, probably, they will leave you open-mouthed as they did.
There is no doubt that we are surrounded by giants of all kinds, whether they are animals, vegetables or objects that are much larger than the standard size. There are also people to whom you have to look up or who have some characteristic that go beyond the established limits and make us feel like ants.

#1. The root of this tooth, imagine that this monster is pulled out of your mouth!

Source: awalme

#2. This is not just American, this is a Texan toilet seat (safety glasses for scale)

Source: Hauntologist2

#3. “I had this chicken nugget for lunch today. I specifically asked and the lady said, 'Honey, you seem like the right person for this chicken.'”

Source: Flatf3et

#4. My absolute unit of a baby playpen (ordered the wrong size - didn’t know they came in wrestlemania size!)

Source: roselana

#5. I don't know who needed to see a 4000 lb block of cheddar today, but here it is (banana for scale).

Source: MrRadio

#6. With such a snout, he can smell things from miles away.

Source: Wynnwynnwynn

#7. “Water leaks can be disastrous”

Source: reddit

#8. Really fat bluejay

Source: SouperSpooned

#9. This huge ammonite fossil

Source: ZombieBorscht

#10. I think I have seen a huge kitten

Source: HazbinHotel69_FemBoy

#11. “Look at this huge tick I took from my cat (2 euro coin for scale)”

Source: archerV34

#12. “Me at 5 months (1987). Dressed as a sailor"

Source: JermytheWormy

#13. “He has the power to give the last go-ahead”

Source: Tge287

#14. The shade that that tree should give

Source: Faiven

#15. “This frame I built and finished with gold leaf.”

Source: BridgerBarksdaleArt

#16. “My fiance's ring size 13.5 on my finger size 5.5.”

Source: Corgi_with_stilts

#17. What would you do if you saw me walking towards you? [7’1|215cm|330lbs]

Source: The7footr

#18. “Absolute unit of a snapping turtle”

Source: rizenHeH

#19. Big banana

Source: Cyberball2073

#20. “I could make a dress out of the leaves, yeah lol.”

Source: BushyEyes

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