20+ Times When Pets Make Christmas So Special In Both Good And Bad Ways

Another Christmas has come, and it’s time for all kinds of decorations, festivities, and parties! No matter how old you are, this is one of the biggest holidays of the year that you can’t wait to enjoy. It always appears with beautifully decorated Christmas trees and a warm dinner with plenty of delicious dishes under the candle lights. All members of your family and your friends will have some quality time together, and you all get excited to exchange gifts with one another. But wait… do you forget someone?
Absolutely, the holidays can’t be complete without your adorable pets! While you are busy with the cookies in the oven or the unwrapped presents, your furry babies also enjoy the event in their own way. For instance, cats tend to fall in love with the glitter ball ornaments on the Christmas tree, while a dog may help you prepare by covering the floor with white snow- made of pillow feathers. You may luckily snap a cute shot of your pet in high spirits to enjoy the party, or at times, it’s their bizarre expression after destroying something in the house.
Your Christmas may become greater with these witty furry guys, but the opposite prospect does happen from time to time. However, no matter what happens, it definitely makes your holiday more memorable and fun! After all, your pets are just eager to be involved in the celebration.
Let’s enjoy the collection of 23 photos that probably make you wish for a pet on this joyous occasion! Scroll until the end and see how the pets enjoy Christmas!

#1 We Got The Cat A Cardboard Scratchy Taco Truck For Christmas. I Think She Likes It

Source: AttackerCat

#2 I Made Christmas Ornaments Of My 3 Cats

Source: chuffberry

#3 My Udon Noodle Wishes You A Pleasant Christmas Eve

Source: sh4ngalang

#4 If Your Presents Arrived Late, It’s Because Santa’s Helpers Are A Little Slower Than Normal

Source: kristianroberts

#5 Roscoe Took Christmas Decoration Duty Into His Own Hands (Paws) Last Night

Source: franklegsTV

#6 My Cat And My Tree Are Both Plugged In And Ready For Christmas

Source: ADanalrapist

#7 Nerien And His Christmas Cookie

Source: elphaba16

#8 My Parents' Cat Interrupted Board Games Over Christmas. He Just Likes To Be Involved

Source: JamesHuntrods

#9 There Are 2 Cats In This Picture

Source: ChefCobra

#10 Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Source: the_wrinkly_quad

#11 Our 1st Christmas Together And Our 15th Christmas Together

Source: _psa115_

#12Merry Christmas From The Head Tilt Triplets

Source: my-two-point-oh

#13 We Just Put The Tree Up, And This Little Monster Climbed Into It

Source: Mudb0ss

#14 My Coworker's Dog Does Not Like The Annual Christmas Photo

Source: zerepxela

#15 Wiped Out From Opening Presents

Source: Georgito

#16 Took My Dogs To Take Their Yearly Christmas Photos. It's Really Hard When You Have One Super Photogenic Dog And One Dog Having An Existential Crisis

Source: laurenncarterr

#17 Presenting My Cat With Her Christmas Present

Source: neasanoir

#18 Left The Patio Door Open Briefly For Some Fresh Air. Shortly After, I Heard Some Rustling Behind The Christmas Tree... I Don't Have A Cat

Source: Rossaluss

#19 Best Christmas Gift

Source: sirhene

#20 I've Just Learned This Is An Issue For Cat Owners Over Christmas

Source: NineteenEighty9

#21 Cats And Glass Ornaments Don't Mix

Source: ThatsFknInteresting

#22 Ciri Has Absolutely No Idea Who Ate The Christmas Cookies While We Were Out Shopping. She’s So Mad She Can’t Even Look At The Plate

Source: 11_throwaways_later_

#23 My Mom Got Our Cat, Sardine, A Fancy Cat Bed For Christmas. She Loves It

Source: pgsengstock

How did your pets enjoy this holiday? Did they like the Christmas gifts that you prepared? Share your celebration with your furry companions in the comment below, and remember to check out other posts on our site for more fantastic photos and ideas!
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