20 Times When Life Fcked Us Really, Really Hard

We occasionally encounter circumstances that leave us wondering if we've entered a bizarre universe. And even though we could feel dissatisfied, disappointed, or furious in response to these strange and unpleasant situations, it might be helpful to view them in a satirical light. After all, unpleasant experiences will pass, and it's better to use them to create humorous stories than to let them spoil our day.

#1. Seal Ania confused by what the hell happened to her whiskers (it's -10C/14F in Poland right now)

Source: zissoum

#2. The water at my Aunts work in, you guessed it, Florida

Source: Cultural_Necessary

#3. Ordered One Brussel Sprout instead of 1kg! Need to cut it into four to go round!

Source: a1acrity

#4. How my pizza arrived

Source: hy11ahr

#5. My toaster lets you pick six different levels of how toasted you want your bread to be (6 being the most toasted). This was what I got for level 2.

Source: geosunsetmoth

#6. When the stylist says "I'm having a tough time with your hair line!"

Source: cleanshoes30

#7. This week started with a break up, then I had to get my car towed, now I spilled spaghetti *in* my shoe. Well, shit.

Source: millre01

#8. Bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today.

Source: Ericalva91

#9. This “blueberry” muffin I just ordered

Source: Moonlitmindset

#10. My brother “salted” the driveway

Source: KingDooma

#11. My wife just cut open the watermelon she grew in the garden this year.

Source: gillyboatbruff

#12. In-laws dog ate my glasses first night I arrived for visit

Source: Ben_Dersgrate

#13. My wedding tux pants ripped 45 min before the ceremony

Source: Nfgzebrahed

#14. My cat threw a perfume bottle on my toilet and broke the lid

Source: Particular-Chance719

#15. Winter Siberian make-up. Enjoy!

Source: RitaRudzinsky

#16. This "Caesar salad" cost $15

Source: OldJournalist4

#17. "Awww frick boys, I spilt my coffee"

Source: PinicchioDelTaco

#18. It was supposed to be cream filled

Source: Cupy_

#19. You're at work and this happens

Source: burpingmike

#20. Broke out a pair of old shoes, and this happened 5 blocks later...

Source: MsBeanThread

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