20 Times Unlucky Folks Had A Really Messy Day

All of us desire to spend a tranquil day sipping tea and enjoying a fresh breeze. But even when we hide from the chaos of life, the bad days find us somehow. Nobody can avoid having a bad day. It appears as if God gave them to us in order to make us stronger each day. Life is fair to everyone, and you will have good days.
We've compiled 20 times unlucky folks had a really messy day. Hopefully, these will cheer up unlucky folks who have had a difficult day. These terrible things will pass. We think so. Scroll down to see them, and please share them with your closest friends. Have a nice day, guys.

#1. Opened this door while helping a relative today

Source: s1mpljack

#2. Last sip of coffee, felt something in my mouth. Spit it out thinking it’s some grounds or something. Nope, it’s a tick

Source: 53dogs

#3. Felt a shooting pain down my leg after bending down to dry myself after a shower

Source: ZeBootygoon

#4. In my defense, I’m really high

Source: ChuckWooleryLives

#5. First time home buyer. I went to plug something in and heard a faint crackling. Took the outlet apart and this is what we found. I’m just glad our house didn’t burn down

Source: cakeanddiamond

#6. Came home today to my saltwater aquarium's side panel shattered. Luckily I saved the fish, but I have a lot of cleaning up to do

Source: Cinder1977

#7. Stepped on a rusty nail

Source: Sicklightning

#8. Sliced off part of my fingernail from simply cutting carrots

Source: eggsnoodles

#9. On the bright side, it barely even touched the house

Source: KjevKjellios

#10. Permanent" tooth crown from 2019 just fell out

Source: WhatsHisCape

#11. A bench at a bus stop I go to has been removed

Source: Deadman_Chanson

#12. Saw this in my parking garage this morning

Source: woggle-bug

#13. Upgraded our bathroom reading material at work

Source: baledog

#14. Ordered an 8' x 4' modular raised garden bed online. Just received the delivery today

Source: Drewcifixion

#15. Fucked up day. Bought this car 3 months ago and it looked brand new. Got hit on my way home from work and it’s not even 10 am

Source: deep-fried-fuck

#16. Used the wrong oven setting to cook my lasagne ready meal

Source: thatfezguy

#17. Yesterday, I was excited to remodel the bathroom

Source: JustTheSpecsPlease

#18. The meal deal was £74...probably

Source: mistapapageorgio

#19. Really?

Source: Living in Nature

#20. Articulation

Source: Customikes

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