20 Times Photoshop Wizard Mocked Netizens With Hilarious Photo Edits

We all want to have amazing photos so that our social media postings get a lot of likes. However, there are many factors that affect photos, such as others accidentally appearing in the frame or background of the photo at the time it is taken. As a result, they had to recruit the assistance of photo editing experts. Photoshop experts, like nice wizards, can do everything you want and turn your photos into works of art. However, there is one person who goes against the majority of the others. Despite being a Photoshop wizard, James Fridman utilizes magic to mock netizens, particularly those who seek his assistance in editing photos.
We came across his Instagram account, "fjamie013," which is dedicated to sharing photos that have been literally edited at the request of internet users. It appears that his inventiveness knows no bounds, and they are both funny and realistic. With his photo editing skills and sense of humor, he is certain to conquer the world.
Take a look at 20 times Photoshop wizard mocked netizens with hilarious photo edits. Scroll down to have a good laugh!

#1. In the tree

Source: fjamie013

#2. Toilet this way

Source: fjamie014

#3. Now that's great!

Source: fjamie015

#4. Awesome

Source: fjamie016

#5. Too young

Source: fjamie017

#6. 1:0

Source: fjamie018

#7. Is that the rock?

Source: fjamie019

#8. I hope he was happy

Source: fjamie019

#9. Bigger and closer

Source: fjamie021

#10. As you wish

Source: fjamie022

#11. Perfection

Source: fjamie023

#12. Nailed it


#13. Sure

Source: fjamie025

#14. Hmmm

Source: fjamie026

#15. No more sun for you

Source: fjamie027

#16. Fixed

Source: fjamie028

#17. Done

Source: fjamie029

#18. Done

Source: fjamie030

#19. A trash bag

Source: fjamie031

#20. Be careful what you wish for

Source: fjamie032

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