20 Times People Went From Too Lazy To Almost Crazy, And Hazy

Oh, the joy of pure, unrepentant idleness... Is it just a lack of willpower? It's a good idea to have a backup plan in case your primary one fails. Putting jokes aside, labeling someone "lazy" might be considered an insult, especially in cultures that place a high emphasis on productivity and hard effort (We're referring to you, Americans!).
For some, it may be a lack of physical activity, while for others, it may be a lack of motivation to complete even the most mundane and tedious chores. And while a little period of idleness is completely reasonable, if it persists for too long, you start playing risky games.
So today, whether on purpose or accidentally, we're delving deeply into instances of people giving in to sloth. The outcome is a bizarre collection of images that may amuse, enrage, or perhaps make you think about how lazy you are.

#1. So I Finally Got A House, And They Literally Painted Over Bugs On The Wall

Source: DimitriTooProBro

#2. When You're So Lazy And Can't Walk 20ft To Watch Your Kid

Source: tinderbindervinder

#3. The Dumpster On The Left Is Empty But People Are Too Lazy To Open The Lid So They Just Keep Piling Trash Up Into The Right Dumpster

Source: FeelinSheepish

#4. I Pulled The Foil Off Of This To See What Was In It, And It Was Empty. And Still In The Fridge

Source: SneezyHydra

#5. My Roommate Throws Away Dishes So He Won’t Have To Do Them

Source: bjarbeau

#6. I Tore My Rotator Cuff So My Husband Told Me He’d Finish The Interior Painting On Our Downstairs. He Says He’s Done

Source: sleepdeprivationland

#7. How My Ex Roommate Left Her Bathroom After Moving Out

Source: vancityjoss

#8. Don't Even Get Me Started On The People That Test Spray Paint Like This

Source: JustAnotherHuman007

#9. Lazy Karen

Source: SergeantJinto

#10. Lazy People Who Abandon Their Unwanted Groceries In The Freezer, Causing Them To Explode And Become Unsellable

Source: SchuminWeb

#11. Someone Was Very Lazy

Source: gravitas-deficiency

#12. There's Lazy And Then There's This Guy

Source: dutchy4233

#13. When you are too lazy to throw out the old TV.

Source: Solidsnake4545

#14. This Genius Watching Taken Using A Clear Plastic Bag To Hold His Phone On A Plane

Source: kimantor1

#15. It’s been like that for 5 days, laziness level: College Student.

Source: Solidsnake4545

#16. Swing String


#17. My Friend Redefined Laziness. She Built A Floating Table Over Her Bed, So She Never Has To Stand Up Again

Source: Lyxodius

#18. The epitome of laziness.

Source: Solidsnake4545

#19. Lazy girlfriend is lazy.

Source: Solidsnake4545

#20. I may have crossed the line between “life hack” and “lazy”.

Source: Solidsnake4545

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