20 Times People Tried Face-Swapping On A Cute Baby, And The Results Are Hilariously Bizarre

Nobody wants their face to age. As a result, many seek ways to make their faces look younger. Their requirements are easily addressed thanks to the advancement of photographic software. However, the people below have devised an unusual method of swapping faces with lovely babies, and they have taken discomfort to a whole new level. Many hilarious photos have been shared on social media platforms, but there are some that have become incredibly popular among netizens due to their uniqueness. Every night, we are tormented by adult pictures superimposed on the cute faces of young children. It sounds scary, right?
Do you expect to see the haunting photos below? We've compiled a list of 20 times people tried face-swapping on a cute baby, and the results are hilariously bizarre. We promise they'll make you laugh all day. Scroll down to check them out, and don't forget to share your own funny moments. Enjoy!

#1. The cat looks pretty though

Source: AsABlankICanConfirm

#2. Faceswapped my brother and my daughter. I will never stop laughing at this

Source: ne0nnightmare

#3. Tried to do a face swap with my infant daughter

Source: Agent_Hank_Schrader

#4. Possibly one of the best face swaps

Source: ChuckieC

#5. Who needs a DNA test?

Source: GaryGronk

#6. Wife wanted a family portrait for Christmas. This is what she got.

Source: discoversooke

#7. My girlfriend sent me this face swap the other day

Source: Daurbanmonkey

#8. I made a huge mistake with this face swap of my wife and son

Source: Daurbanmonkey

#9. Babyface swap

Source: Reddit

#10. Best face swap ever

Source: Reddit

#11. Hmmm

Source: Reddit

#12. Santa Face Swap

Source: Reddit

#13. Today grandma posted her first photo on Facebook. Today I did my first face swap

Source: jrothband

#14. I attempted to face swap with my son. The result was glorious

Source: Reddit

#15. This Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

Source: Reddit

#16. As soon as I found out my wife was pregnant I bought a camera specifically for this purpose

Source: hollyvvood

#17. A man's friend took his infant son swimming this past weekend. I couldn't resist

Source: Beeslo

#18. Father/son face swaps are disturbing

Source: captain_meow

#19. So my girlfriend got bored while babysitting

Source: joncargo

#20. This poor terrified child

Source: chawx

#21. Baby daddy

Source: Reddit

#22. Me and princess Nova face swap

Source: rahbanks201

#23. What?

Source: Reddit

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