20 Times People Took Their Bad Behaviors To The Public Sphere

Public spaces are supposed to be areas where people can coexist peacefully, but unfortunately, not everyone seems to understand that. From spray paint testing on the floor to leaving underwear outside a convenience store, some individuals seem to think that public spaces are their personal playgrounds and behave accordingly. These individuals can make even the most patient person in this world lose their cool.
In this article, we will delve into 20 instances where people took their bad behaviors to the public sphere. Scroll down to see what they did that drove others off the wall. Check out our earlier article for more: 18 People Who Were Rightfully Shamed For Being Complete Jerks.

#1. Someone got too comfortable in public spaces

Source: abdrizzle

#2. Welcome to America Airlines, sit back, relax and make yourself at home

Source: hawks_nest12

#3. That's not how you're supposed to sit in a shopping cart

Source: someopinionthatsr

#4. Leaving your pistachio shells at the movie theater like this

Source: TwasAKuntNugget

#5. The fact that this needs to be pointed out

Source: TraceyTurnblat

#6. Gross underwear? Toss them out at Circle K

Source: RichyCigars

#7. Should you be expected to clean this up for a customer?

Source: BigfootDynamite

#8. So this is what a footrest in Economy looks like

Source: StockOfRice

#9. Well, this is all kinds of f*cked up thing to see at an amusement park...

Source: BtlAngel

#10. Destroyed the ATM

Source: Scyllascum

#11. That these rules need to be posted

Source: CJ-does-stuff

#12. The guy in front of me refused to take off his hat after I told him it was blocking my view

Source: greenoctopusink

#13. Four spots. FOUR!


#14. Spraypaint testing on the floor

Source: DoctorBlazes

#15. Why though? This was at work.

Source: DankShrek6996

#16. A kid broke into my car at midnight, I had to hit the window… Cut my hand up pretty bad and spent $500 dollars to replace the window. Oh, and he didn’t steal anything so the police couldn’t do anything.

Source: LittleStitious913

#17. Someone hijacked a construction sign

Source: Supersdm7

#18. Not putting your carts away is pretty trashy, but blocking handicapped spaces is next-level trash

Source: shitpickle2020

#19. Nothing to see here, just a laptop

Source: ria_rokz

#20. People who block wheelchair-accessible sidewalks

Source: BishopGodDamnYou

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