20 Times People Shared Wacky Design Fails That Are True Art Crimes On The Internet

What do you think the results would be like when designers are on vacation with their families but their boss still pressures them to get the task done even during the vacation? We are confident that 99% of you are thinking the same way I am. Perhaps we have mentally prepared for the worst-case circumstances. But after checking out the list of bizarre designs below, we're scared they'll get out of hand. Don't worry; despite their oddness, they're entertaining enough to make you giggle.
Check out this list of wacky design fails that are true art crimes. I hope these will assist you in unwinding after a long day at work. What exactly are you waiting for? Let's get started, and please leave a comment if you have any questions. Enjoy!

#1. Okay, I'm fine

Source: youandmeandrainbows

#2. Hmm

Source: Dailymail

#3. The name is confusing. The sign makes it worse

Source: TuxedoFloorca

#4. Excuse me, which is the way out?

Source: Greg6800

#5. Advertising zip lines and axe throwing on the same brochure

Source: badger_danger

#6. It suitable for country girl

Source: erin hockett

#7. What?

Source: Piqueen

#8. Nose outlet

Source: Geek Alerts

#9. You know, I think I don‘t need to shower today

Source: Piano1987

#10. Feed big bertha

Source: bassnbluegillYT

#11. This frog statue in the woods

Source: NotPechente

#12. It can always get worse

Source: llucy_p

#13. I see "Lad Yes Night"

Source: 3_esse

#14. My wife asked if I wanted to see the creepiest doll in her collection. I was not prepared

Source: foolwiththefez

#15. Woody's fed up of life


#16. But why did they give it teeth?!

Source: tone_deaf_bard_

#17. Tubers of Terror

Source: zeethreepeeo

#18. Access for wheelchairs on this stairs?

Source: CptnTryhard

#19. These are stairs in my town.

Source: kprincess

#20. Braille on bumpy surface

Source: unknown

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