20 Times People Had To Do A Facepalm Because Of Their Wrong Answer

Have you ever made a post or left a comment insisting on the exact truth? Many people write silly comments on social media and always insist that they are true, even when 99% of the rest of the world knows they are wrong. However, life is not a dream, and your response was entirely incorrect, leaving you mortified. Your post or comment, on the other hand, will remain on the internet because it is the repository for our humiliations. And this disgrace will be carried down through the generations for millennia.
What are you waiting for? We have a list of 20 times people had to do a facepalm because of their wrong answer. They are shared on an online community called "confidentlyincorrect," which is dedicated to sharing numerous instances when people are far too smug about their incorrect answers. Now let’s scroll down to check them out and have a good day.

#1. Happy 8-month-old birthday!

Source: These_Pressure1327

#2. I'm gonna assume the lady in this story never took French.

Source: amyselwyn

#3. Quarter > Third

Source: supercrazestar

#4. Uh, no

Source: MerriamWebster

#5. Step 1: read tweet carefully. Step 2: criticize

Source: POTUS

#6. To be fair, I can see where she was coming from, here

Source: CBC

#7. The off switch is located on the belly button, didn't you know?

Source: zruxr

#8. There was a whole war about this

Source: zruxr

#9. One million times $8 equals one billion, I don't make the rules

Source: AOC

#10. To be fair, lots of people have trouble with "desert" and "dessert" too

Source: _Cailin_Corcra_

#11. Spain in pain

Source: scndaccount112

#12. Apperently this is how egg donors work


#13. Who's gonna tell him

Source: Srite_Canberries

#14. Math is hard

Source: Sokandueler95

#15. I'm not sure if I agree but ok

Source: beganagoodman

#16. That's... what they're for

Source: u/shit-happens-alot

#17. Oh, Lavern

Source: AdmiralDragonXC

#18. Math is hard, but sometimes geography is harder

Source: murphy_ln

#19. It is indeed up north

Source: 1691UK

#20. Whoops

Source: ClassyCilantro

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