20 Times People Believe It Wasn't Their Job And Put No Effort In It

Making mistakes is natural because you are only human. Making them consciously and defending them as not being a part of your profession, though, is abnormal. You'll have to admit that despite how annoying these deliberate errors might be, they occasionally come off as rather funny; in fact, the Not My Work subreddit is dedicated to them.
It's just too comical when users of that subreddit post images of folks who could care less about the work they're doing. Check out our article below to see some of the funniest submissions.

#1. This kind of belongs here

Source: Grufffinance15

#2. Delivered that package, boss

Source: fritzys_paradigm

#3. Took care of the extra cheese boss

Source: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#4. Whew, almost ate one of these raw

Source: frnkys

#5. Moving to a new house. This is where the last owners had their China cabin

Source: kenziethemom

#6. Cut the tomatoes boss

Source: Chubby-Fish

#7. Printed the sign, Boss.

Source: MuzzWave

#8. Best Before

Source: smeggysmeg

#9. Can you swim with a broken spine?

Source: reddit

#10. Security dog

Source: Karm_Me_up

#11. Sounds like a good deal to me

Source: That_4k_Redditor

#12. What time is it?

Source: What time is it?

#13. “Hey, you put those shirts on the correct models, right?”

Source: larsmert

#14. Found this in mexico

Source: allegseu78

#15. Female presenter said ‘I love salmon’ and the subtitles were added while live on air, boss.

Source: agent_orangepeel

#16. I’m just a graphics designer intern, definitely not my job

Source: reddit

#17. That cone stays...

Source: VerGuy

#18. So which eye did he injure?

Source: dohmniq

#19. fixed bridge, boss

Source: Leandropr

#20. Typical warning sign.

Source: nothisenberg

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