20 Times People Are More Intelligent Than They Expected

It is said that reality leaves a lot to the imagination. Every day, difficulties or obstacles in life stimulate our creativity. People are always able to come up with unique ideas on their own under challenging circumstances to suit and adapt to reality. As you know, imagination is the basis of creativity. Each of us has a fantastic imagination. If you fully utilize it, you will have inventions or ideas that you did not anticipate being effective.
We've compiled a list of 20 times people are more intelligent than they expected. We promise these hilarious ideas will make you giggle. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to have a good laugh, and don't hesitate to share them with your family. Enjoy!

#1. This is some real gateway James Bond stuff

Source: Earthscope

#2. Technically he is wearing a mask. In a way we do not approve of though

Source: Earthscope

#3. These steps in a clinic let you know the precise amount of calories you have burned climbing them. Literally, "Clinical Steps"

Source: Earthscope

#4. Now this is a completely different level of laziness

Source: Earthscope

#5. How to smoke weed in a public park

Source: Kobi-Wan_Kenobi

#6. The egg beater just broke and I want French toast

Source: i_lost_my_stapler

#7. Just don't bring it to the boil

Source: Reddit

#8. Who's laughing now?

Source: jhovudu1

#9. A mother-made UNO belt for the UNO Championship

Source: Earthscope

#10. This bar use pasta as straws instead of plastic. At least someone got it right

Source: Earthscope

#11. These are people who care about their community. Learn Something

Source: Earthscope

#12. For remote teaching without a document camera

Source: lambepsom

#13. Self-feeding fire

Source: Capt_Irk

#14. We like redneck engineering so much in Brasil we have a word for it : "Gambiarra"

Source: pepesiq

#15. A whole crap load of Amish guys moving a barn.

Source: Habitual_Emigrant

#16. Found this fork in my brother's house and asked him why he had done it.... then he ran upstairs to grab his IPad

Source: projectolivine

#17. Oh look, they are on the fence

Source: Earthscope

#18. Hmmm

Source: Earthscope

#19. Take your hunger for sweets to the next level

Source: Earthscope

#20. This suit is made of 333 soft toys. Weight 26lb. Not so light though

Source: Earthscope

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