20 Times People And Things Couldn't Hide How Unhappy They Were

Though they occur more frequently than you might imagine, incidents are rarely caught on camera. But these photographers captured these images at at the perfect time. The amusing images depict 20 individuals or objects that are totally ignorant of the awful events that are about to occur to them.
This collection has some of the weirdest incidents we could discover, from slow-motion drink spills to birds taking hats right off people's heads. Nevertheless everything would have appeared absolutely normal if the pictures had been taken only moments earlier.

#1. She Wants to Be Anywhere But Here

Source: emoposer

#2. We Really Hope the Car Is Parked

Source: thefunpost

#3. She Will Not Be Swiping Right on Him

Source: thefunpost

#4. A Child Is as Good as a Chair, Right?

Source: Reddit

#5. Shoulders Aren’t a Free for All

Source: imgur

#6. The Queen of All Faces

Source: Mirror

#7. Can’t This Package Wait?

Source: Daily Mail

#8. Panda Can’t Have Some Holiday Cheer?

Source: Reddit

#9. Definitely Not a Fan of Bathtime

Source: rickvick

#10. Aspiring Actor

Source: simon_wang12

#11. Flying Cake

Source: cornerenthusiast

#12. Cat Hat

Source: Esus9

#13. Fish Kiss

Source: imgur

#14. Spill In Slow Motion

Source: imgur

#15. Curious Monkey

Source: thatguy1331

#16. Disappearing Sandwich

Source: IceColdGangsta420

#17. Big Hit

Source: imgur

#18. Game Over

Source: Nikki_C2H6O

#19. Dropped Drink

Source: imgur

#20. Serious Workout

Source: chrisfur

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