20 Times People Adopted Misleading Captions With Confusing Photos To Play With Our Minds

If you've ever mistakenly snapped a photo that turned out to be an optical illusion, you know how bizarre they can be. But someone thought of a method to make them even more perplexing, and they did that by matching the images with false titles.
The false names that are being added to already perplexing photographs on the /r/MisleadingThumbnails/ subreddit will confuse your head. Check out the most perplexing optical illusions in the gallery below, including carpets that resemble concert audiences, cranes that resemble giraffes, snakes that resemble glazed donuts, and more!

#1. Starting 4/20 right with this massive joint I rolled

Source: Dez_Champs

#2. Tom Cruise on the set of Top Gun (1985)

Source: zakkalaska

#3. Someone drew a crab on my sheet music

Source: habby_benis

#4. Deer with two faces genetic mutation

Source: Strupnick

#5. Bernie Sanders and AOC take a trip to Gettysburg

Source: PresidentTelevision

#6. Crowd at a concert

Source: qwartet

#7. This unusually long-necked fellow

Source: cheald

#8. Elevator scene from The Shining re-enactment

Source: esquonk

#9. Pre production Canon DSLR caught in the wild

Source: Gezzaman

#10. 9/11 Lego set

Source: Common_Coyote_3

#11. Dog With Horribly Deformed Nose

Source: reddit

#12. A fallen ice cream cone...

Source: ISeeOnlyMe

#13. After double amputee surgery, woman caresses what’s left of her legs.

Source: howdy77777

#14. The worlds largest cheese steak

Source: 12345brendan

#15. Uncooked bacon

Source: MattCloudy

#16. Man showing off his new robotic arm prosthetic

Source: ToumeyP

#17. World record attempt for largest pizza

Source: Lemonjellykitten

#18. Giant Gippsland Earthworm

Source: r3dl3mon

#19. Google Maps River Thames - London UK

Source: theMightyQwinn

#20. Rat King found in someone’s kitchen

Source: BurgIsDead

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