20 Times Parents Have Tweeted About Their Kids, And They'll Make You Roll Over With Laughter

Raising children as a lifelong commitment can be difficult and stressful for first-time parents. They believe they must give up their time, health, and freedom. It was not easy, and we are willing to sympathize because they are not alone. Every parent has been through this stage. Raising children is a difficult undertaking, from figuring out what they need based on how they communicate to dealing with their teenage mood swings.
But everything has two sides, and children never cease to make us laugh with their jokes or innocent responses. Kids bring immense joy, and they are the world for parents. We've compiled a list of 20 times parents have tweeted about their kids on social media. We bet they will make you laugh out loud. What exactly are you waiting for? Take a look at them to have a good laugh. Enjoy!

#1. If you’ve never hidden in a closet and eaten chocolate, are you really a parent?

Source: Scott_Thought

#2. This is giving me some really sad Keanu vibes

Source: kindofsquishy

#3. She is the real one

Source: LizerReal

#4. Her level of petty is 10/10

Source: MandyNdlangisa

#5. This family could set up a small business selling “experienced hair ties”

Source: simoncholland

#6. Sassy 4-year-old

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#7. Nothing stronger than your boy passing you his drink

Source: daddydoubts

#8. Fairly asked, fairly answered

Source: BakeKater

#9. Wanting to laugh but needing to keep a straight face is at least 85% of parenting

Source: meena

#10. Wait till you hear about opera

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#11. Show him a CAPTCHA and see if he runs away

Source: momjeansplease

#12. Yep. Dads are … expendable

Source: HenpeckedHal

#13. When you build quality, it shows

Source: Chhapiness

#14. Did you forget to give her the 5 yr old special hairdo?

Source: aotakeo

#15. Ppl w no bills are so positive

Source: DontWorryBoutB

#16. Uh, the shade

Source: ConanOBrien

#17. They’re being paid

Source: copymama

#18. Credible Hulk

Source: seanoconnz

#19. I don’t like it. I knew I wouldn’t like it

Source: NotSoNewlywedPC

#20. Do u smell that? BURN!!

Source: NotSoNewlywedPC

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