20 Times Our Cameras Failed To Provide A Good Panoramic Photo, Resulting In Ridiculous Pictures

Back in a couple of years ago, it's not a common habit for us to take photos so often. Occasionally, we would take our camera with us to a birthday, a trip or some other important celebration. However, until now, everything has changed and there is practically no one who does not have a camera on their cell phone ready to capture any moment.
Of course, not all of those snapshots are ideal and perfect. There are those who try to take a memorable photo and indeed, succeed with it, but perhaps not with the intention they originally had, and end up capturing a scene that leaves those who look at it with more doubts than certainties.

#1. What a long neck

Source: sodafox

#2. My dog moved

Source: aubbzz

#3. I think I captured another dimension.

Source: SmartMammoth

#4. Blursed long dog

Source: Faith_SC

#5. Beep beep here comes the jeep jeep

Source: miniwumboo

#6. We asked a friend to take a panorama of the nice view with us in it… didn’t go as planned

Source: laurazarine

#7. Wouldn't say it went wrong as I am pretty happy with result (tried to make panoraminc picture of myself)

Source: lichav

#8. My wife didn’t know the phone was on panoramic mode. Just wanted a picture of a house.

Source: Sweatyrando

#9. A nice new hair style

Source: lonely_house_hippo

#10. She’s usually a much smaller dog.

Source: parenthetical_phrase

#11. Wavy Finger

Source: Mrbrycer

#12. My wife is walking in the future

Source: MGossyn

#13. Unicycle?

Source: dirtbag_dyl

#14. Cat

Source: signbear999

#15. The Clone

Source: SnowAppol

#16. My dogs in a lake

Source: Loctusofsmorgasbord

#17. Cat…?

Source: 2703asil

#18. Is this even…?

Source: jakefr22

#19. Tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower today, it went surprisingly well!

Source: Lifelapse

#20. Needs braces

Source: reddit

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