20 Times Delusional People Tried To Sell Junk On The Internet

Our homes have too much old stuff, so we throw it out. And there are many people who sell them and make a lot of money. If the old things are still valid, this purchase will benefit both the seller and the buyer. However, there are still delusional people who will find the most useless things and sell them for oddly high prices. It’s ridiculous! No matter how much the world's richest billionaire pays, useless items are always junk. You'd think someone would pay nearly $700 for a moldy Pokemon card or a burned infant seat that was advertised as being in good condition.
We've compiled 20 times delusional people tried to sell junk on the Internet. If you see any of the following items online, please stay away from them. Scroll down to check them out. Enjoy!

#1. Probably

Source: lilbopeachy

#2. Don’t waste my time

Source: jdbrougham

#3. Pretty successful bookkeeper

Source: Reddit

#4. Just needs a new screen

Source: -patella-

#5. What disease is on this card?

Source: GeneralLedger17

#6. Thank God shipping is available

Source: zazu13

#7. Amazing birthday cakes

Source: unknownpepesilvia

#8. Crocodeal or no deal

Source: tacosforeveryjuan

#9. Billie Eilish should sue

Source: GarroFarms

#10. That works too

Source: MrFlakito

#11. In this economy?

Source: GingerBreadMan45

#12. A quadruple peanut!

Source: throwaway115935666

#13. Hmmm

Source: IrrationalPizza

#14. Not terrifying at all

Source: poptarttyler

#15. Scare everyone with this gift

Source: DasBierChef

#16. An obvious joke, but I thought this community would appreciate the humor

Source: RogueAdam1

#17. To misrepresent a sofa

Source: Reddit

#18. Local artists?

Source: TanguayX

#19. How many times has this thing been set on fire?

Source: Oddiity

#20. Church projects!

Source: swisschardonnay

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