20 Times Cute Kids Showed Their Innocent Side To Their Parents

From infancy to adulthood, parenting is the process of nurturing and supporting a child's physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. Psychologists have long been fascinated by the ways in which parents impact their children's development. They believe that children's brains absorb information from their surroundings, such as what they hear and see, in order to build their thinking and personalities. If you tell them that aliens come to visit them every night, they will believe you.

At this age, logic isn't a thing for kids. And when they learn the truth isn't what they thought it was, the kids will be hurt, but they won't allow that emotion to take over for long. We've compiled 20 times cute kids showed their innocent side to their parents. Scroll down to see them all, and have fun!

#1. This is the Tweet that started this all

Source: daisy_haggard

#2. Reminds me of HIMYM

Source: grapesOT

#3. I hope at least one of them played along

Source: stevewatson1952

#4. He just wanted to fight people with fire

Source: KimHuntHarris

#5. At least she whispered

Source: KawaVulcanRider

#6. Get this child some whales!

Source: herdirtytoes

#7. Bet this kid loved Zootopia

Source: amybuchwald

#8. Boring old humans

Source: mrs_mcgettrick

#9. Aw, that's adorable but so sad

Source: OffTheMarkComic

#10. I'm sure Susan didn't appreciate that

Source: Lynn_CatsRule

#11. That's quite a reach

Source: PaulNut

#12. Looks like that famous Pablo Escobar photo

Source: MeanOlLiberal

#13. Poor Onion man

Source: pmross

#14. The wizards

Source: FrauZeitlos

#15. Swedish Batman

Source: ReallyJaneK

#16. Imagine the disappointment

Source: Finchi82

#17. I just want to know how he imagined a froggy Christmas Eve

Source: dagnyfan

#18. He felt betrayed

Source: LeahFHardy

#19. Another one bites the dust

Source: Mudhooks

#20. Leg of lamb is still pretty good

Source: Mudhooks

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