20 Times An Attempt Was Made Yet Failed Miserably

We sympathize with you if you've ever tried something just to have it absolutely backfire in your face. Well, situations like these will arise unavoidably, and when they do, you have a choice between hiding in humiliation or laughing it off. As appealing as the first choice may be, we strongly advise selecting it.
The r/therewasanattempt/ subreddit is where people share the worst "there was an attempt" events they've had or seen in the wild, and it's funny. Check out the image below for a selection of the funniest posts from this subreddit, which range from eating mozzarella sticks to making Trump jokes.

#1. To Complain About A Child Selling Hot Dogs

Source: TheRealNah

#2. To clean up after himself

Source: To clean up after himself

#3. To make the Special Olympics look bad

Source: Reddit

#4. To make speaking 2 languages sophisticated.

Source: Reddit

#5. To Get Drinks

Source: kleo_patraa

#6. photograph birds.

Source: herr_johannes

#7. To start cat racing

Source: Reddit

#8. To sound literate

Source: Reddit

#9. to scare your boyfriend

Source: i-shot-the-sheriff

#10. To prove that Patton Oswalt is a Failed Comedian

Source: NearbyDANKSTER

#11. I mean... you tried..?

Source: LongXueEr

#12. To be an animal activist

Source: Kdial2002

#13. to be responsible and uber home

Source: flyoverthemooon

#14. To shame men

Source: remoestmoi

#15. To shame atheists and take away their holidays

Source: UDKGankyChan

#16. to make fun of a bird

Source: keefurs

#17. To arrest a “drug dealer

Source: Alert_Dig

#18. To Convince People To Be Pro-Life

Source: ZedU_KOh

#19. To Sound Intellectual

Source: astrolopy

#20. To Defend God

Source: /Mr-Klaus

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