20 Times A Product Was More Disappointing Than Bad Love

Nothing is worse than getting excited about something that we have wanted to buy for a long time and that, when we finally have it, is not even the shadow of what we imagined. Although it is not something very common, there are some people who seem to have their luck denied and have experienced the heartbreak of an expectation that was crushed by the harsh reality.
Definitely, shopping fiascoes can happen with any type of product, from birthday cakes to items purchased online . But there are other times when the surprise comes from acquisitions that turn out to be much better than previously thought.

#1. “It's like a fortune cookie with no fortune.”

Source: allysony_joy

#2. "What I received vs. what I ordered"

Source: dylanciaga

#3. “This Captain Marvel doll…”

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#4. “The shoes I ordered came with the security tag on”

Source: SoggyCabbagee

#5. “These granola bars have shrunk.”

Source: BerkleyJ

#6. “I ordered bananas at home a week ago”

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#7. “We really designed the packaging to be easier to open. It is not that we are selling less for the same price. We swear"

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#8. “I ordered a Pink Floyd stained glass window. I got a picture of it."

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#9. “This is the 'black coffee' I ordered from the vending machine at work.”

Source: Gnarly_Sarley

#10. “I tried to buy the Spider-Man on the left, but got the one on the right.”

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#11. "I was missing about 3 centimeters of cream"

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#12. “I bought a 6 foot tall rainbow tree on Facebook and this is what I got! I am crying with laughter. Nothing like this had ever happened to me in real life."

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#13. “My mom bought me a TV for my birthday and they shipped it via FedEx. We just opened it to turn it on and…”

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#14. “For my birthday, my brother bought me a jacket that was supposed to be a size medium. When I received it, I saw that it was too big. I looked at the label and it said 'Size M', but when I checked, I found this”

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#15. “What we ask for vs. what we received. For the sample, my dog”

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#16. “This is the blueberry muffin I just ordered.”

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#17. “Yesterday, my son turned one year old. The one on the left was the doll we had ordered for his space-themed cake. The one on the right is what we received."

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#18. “What did I order?”

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#19. “My sister-in-law thought she bought a confetti cannon to prank me.”

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#20. “I bought a tool online and it didn't arrive; They asked me for proof"

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