20 Times A New Haircut Has Changed Someone's Appearance Drastically

As we've already entered the new year 2023, now it's a good time to refresh ourselves with new energy and make some changes, like getting a new haircut. There are a variety of reasons why you should get a new haircut to start things off. One of them is that a new haircut is never a permanent change because hair always grows back out. Therefore, if you find your current hairstyle does not fit you, you can change to a new one later.
Do you want to change your hairstyle? If yes, check out these pictures below. They are wonderful haircuts that have changed these folks' appearances drastically. Don't forget to vote for your favorites and share this list with someone who needs it. Also, if you want to have a fabulous laugh, check out 15 Awful Haircuts That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

#1. From straightening my hair every day to finding out that THIS was possible!

Source: skakeboarbing_queen

#2. Just donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Last haircut was 1/5/2011

Source: blink1371

#3. Cut off my hair for locks of love

Source: ButIAmTheChosenOne

#4. After making the front page of Reddit, my wife told me "you've had your fun, now cut your hair!"

Source: Fatisbac

#5. Cut my hair yesterday. I now have four 12-inch ponytails to donate


#6. Before and after, 10 inches of hair donated!!

Source: shanun

#7. Took the plunge today and cut it all off! Hope I made the right decision. (Before&After)


#8. 3 years ago today I became a mother; I saw her beautiful curls start to form months later, I knew that the only way she would truly love her hair is if I loved mine, too. Thanks baby girl, you’re the reason. What’s your reason?

Source: ShuShaR

#9. These hairstyles are perfect on her


#10. Got the job of my life, so I chopped off my hair

Source: Psycochem

#11. Gave all my hair to Locks of Love

HaircutSource: love_otter

#12. I also cut off and donated most of my hair

HaircutSource: amaroon

#13. Before and after: big chop and new routine

HaircutSource: shel_beh

#14. Donating my hair to Locks of Love

HaircutSource: distelhurst

#15. My beard and hair transformation - 2009/2019. Identical shots. Left or Right?

HaircutSource: beardarmor

#16. After my bass was stolen in Detroit, I cut all my hair off, sold it for $900, donated $450 to Locks of Love and bought a new bass with the rest. Before and After


#17. From damaged and over-processed because I wanted blonde curls so bad, to tight, healthy curls and embracing my naturally dark hair! You live and learn! (About 4 years between these photos)

HaircutSource: courtt_

#18. I did a thing: First cut in nearly four years. Thanks to all the lovely people to chime in on my last post here!

HaircutSource: jordyloks

#19. Kind of a reverse transformation, I kicked my own obsession with modifying my hair and finally let it grow out naturally and healthily :) It has been so tough leaving it alone! If you're trying to do the same it can be done!

HaircutSource: jaxposts

#20. Long hair to short hair before and after


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