20 Things That Do Not Seem To Belong To This World, But They Actually Do

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes the unexpected can be downright weird. Weird phenomena, examples of questionable design aesthetics, interior items or eccentric clothing, are all things that don't seem to belong in our world. In this article, we'll explore some of the more extraordinary and unexpected things that can raise more questions than answers and leave us baffled.

#1. A shower curtain for our irregularly shaped bathroom wall/ceiling

Source: Profesor_Gato

#2. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum sells dinosaur poop

Source: PianoCharged

#3. Wish I could say "Catch and release" but they came home with me.

Source: lucyfire666

#4. I got 5 double yolks in a row

Source: read_it948

#5. I came across this hexagon/pentagon structured mushroom

Source: ZaydMenk

#6. Me, face to face with a moose.

Source: kiwi_-zen-

#7. Stuffed gorilla that has faces as feet.

Source: ReeserCups

#8. This bar has a piano in their bathroom

Source: pink__tea

#9. Found this guy on my walk to work

Source: meet-me-in-the-mud


Source: donairthot

Sometimes, we witness events so extraordinary that we are forced to put our hand in our pocket to take out our mobile and capture the moment. And other times, we hit the camera button at just the right moment to get an amazing photo. This article is a collection of images that fit into both categories. They are likely to confuse, delight and entertain you at the same time. From startling coincidences to mind-blowing scenes, these photos will probably make you look twice to understand what they're really about.

#11. I found a whole box of aliens at Goodwill today.

Source: AnaisInJune

#12. My apartment which was renovated from a jailhouse used in the 1800s

Source: AnaisInJune

#13. There's one red hair amongst my black hair in my beard.

Source: peteskees

#14. I saw a pool inside a living room today.

Source: magicmeese

#15. My daughter got a globe ball with only america on it

Source: mrMuppet06

#16. So, this exists!

Source: soopirV

#17. This elevator has foot buttons.

Source: smarshall561

#18. Typical cat

Source: PikabuBoy

#19. Ah yes. The old start sign.

Source: chunkythong

#20. A piece of my grandparents’ wedding cake from 1957

Source: roBHoK

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