20 Terrible Makeups Prove That Their Artists Should Change Their Jobs Immediately

Most likely, when you think about makeup, you picture a simple look with just enough cosmetics to bring out a person's innate beauty. But, occasionally, a poor application of makeup might look completely excessive. Some of the worst offenders have been highlighted in the "Bad Makeup Artists" subreddit.
Keep in mind that what one person considers to be poor makeup application may seem flawless to another. Hence, whether these expressions are serious or humorous, they undoubtedly caught the attention of others around them.

#1. All in the eyes

Source: em5yk

#2. Multi-color

Source: __fliman__

#3. Rainbow connection

Source: Reddit

#4. That ole smoky eye

Source: QueenOfRock

#5. Going for the mannequin look

Source: buymeachocolatedonut

#6. Highlights

Source: ielongatedmylifthome

#7. Laying it on thick

Source: Prototyping_it

#8. Caterpillar brows

Source: Reddit

#9. Thicker is not always better

Source: Reddit

#10. A lighter shade

Source: lillyyvonne

#11. Too much is always too much

Source: palewithtan

#12. Collarbone highlights

Source: CATC8

#13. Just no!

Source: VictoriaFoxNow

#14. Eyes of blue

Source: mcrngunny

#15. What?

Source: redhotbars-336

#16. Color mismatch

Source: fizzy_peas

#17. Overdone

Source: Alternative_Truth259

#18. That dirty cheek look

Source: itssecured

#19. Blue shadows

Source: shutupstraggot

#20. Highbrow

Source: Reddit

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