20 Terrible Food Scams That Will Make Everybody Feel Duped

Nothing hurts as much as a food scam, in my humble opinion, but you don't have to agree with me. Imagine a lone raisin on a fluffy cinnamon-raisin bagel or a dab of mayo softly adhered to a taco when you ask for more sour cream on the side. You might also consider how many falsehoods you had to swallow to buy into all that deceitful packaging that was sold on the stores like it was nothing. I'm at a loss for words if that isn't cruel.
Since food scams are so common, nobody really talks about them. Are we no longer susceptible to them? Fortunately, there is a section of Reddit called r/FoodScam that posts any fraudulent occurrences of individuals receiving items that were neither what they paid for nor exactly what they desired. Here are some of the most disgusting examples.

#1. This should be the subs picture

Source: thriller5000

#2. I ordered a side of bacon ($6 on the menu)

Source: sigaven

#3. It says delicate roses on the packaging, i don't think so.

Source: foodieANDcats

#4. Wife asked for extra sour cream on the side

Source: dncrews

#5. Thanks for the 2 sprinkles, Dunkin.

Source: NewmanBiggio

#6. Cinnamon and singular raisin bagel

Source: amyriads

#7. $46.23 worth of “Sweet Habanero Sauce” wings.

Source: nropotdetcidda

#8. $15 "grilled" veggie sub


#9. Ah come on

Source: boboddy111

#10. Why

Source: Potato_boi2021

#11. Thanks I Hate it. Well maybe not, but it’s not what I Wanta

Source: whoisweaknow

#12. A nice blueberry muffin...oh wait

Source: MKorostoff

#13. Tempting on the packaging.

Source: Eugene135

#14. To be fair, I monched a few chips in the corner before the pic

Source: crappinhammers

#15. $20 for side of ‘candied bacon’.

Source: checkmarshall

#16. My friend's $127 steak and 4 shrimps room service dinner from Disney World - View on Imgur

Source: DrDoc89

#17. Someone told me to post this here, so here it is: my "blueberry granola" came with one fucking blueberry. now ur thinking, well it says "blueberry" which is singular, the ingredients say "blueberries" which implies that there is more than one blueberry in the bag. i've been robbed :(

Source: reddit

#18. I paid $6.40 ($8.13 after tax and tip) for this much Queso =[

Source: Aea

#19. I want the rest of my jolly ranchers. (Package was inside the mug)

Source: nate_oi

#20. Hot Dog Deception

Source: RalphiesBoogers

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