20 Super Weird Incidents People Observed On The Subway

Everyone who has ever used the subway would attest to the fact that it is a completely different world within. Inside the metro, strange people, animals in bags, and other things that would typically spook you out anywhere else suddenly don't seem that strange.
Some folks find riding the train to be highly fascinating and want to document all the bizarre things they see. Check out the strangest things people have observed on the metro, including Robert Downey Jr. clones and live chickens being transported, in the gallery below!

#1. When You Match The Subway

Source: omafist

#2. If I Ignore Them, Maybe They’ll Go Away

Source: CopyX

#3. If I Ignore Them, Maybe They’ll Go Away

Source: kappi8

#4. Would You Accept?

Source: vibesofpaul

#5. This Sign On The London Underground Reminding People To Respect The British Culture

Source: lucas_glanville

#6. Just Another Day On The Subway

Source: Scaulbylausis

#7. Chilling Out On The Tube… Like A Boss

Source: liamrichards

#8. Dad’s Trying To Keep Up With Technology

Source: neufheures.etdemi

#9. Einstein Achieves Time Travel (Subway, Buenos Aires)

Source: Nhoty

#10. This Pigeon Is Out Here Looking Like Every NYer Waiting For The Train

Source: __instant.classic__

#11. Thought Of You All When I Saw This Guy Selling Plants On My Subway Ride Home. He Kept Saying Things Like “I Don’t Sell Weed, I Just Sell Tropical Plants”

Source: zeaky888

#12. Actually Pretty High Odds

Source: misscing

#13. Not Books

Source: thechicrew

#14. There Was A Fight At My Subway Stop, This Was The Aftermath

Source: callmesnake13

#15. Someone’s Enjoying Their Evening Commute

Source: afrowa

#16. London Underground Seems Weird Today

Source: ddsdhillon

#17. This Is Art

Source: melanietaylor126

#18. Just What The Heck, New York

Source: HelloCVH

#19. Pet Bananas Are Allowed In Subway As Long As They Are On A Leash

Source: horoz.kop

#20. So NYC MTA (Subway) Banned All Dogs Unless The Owner Carries Them In A Bag. I Think This Owner Nailed It

Source: emilNYC

#21. A Cinderella Story

Source: yomygahd

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