20 Snaps Of Randomly Muddled Occurrences

On occasion, the only thing we can think of when we view strange pictures online is to question what they are showing. They are merely designed to confound us each time. For individuals with a keen sense of humor and imagination, Aubtu has gathered the oddest images from around the globe.
These pictures either depict the dark aspect of daily life or something strange or cursed. We understand that humans were never intended to see them for these reasons. When something isn't actually meant to be seen, what should we do? We simply MUST look into it!

#1. I didnt realize how big traffic lights were

Source: JonnyBoiiii

#2. Howdy, Partner

Source: reddit

#3. This is what owls look like without feather

Source: molnix

#4. This is what paint looks like before it gets shaken

Source: reddit

#5. Can ANYONE here tell me what in the hell is going on here?!

Source: imgur

#6. Someone tied a whole loaf of bread on their head and we still have no idea why.

Source: Net Art Net

#7. Now how did you get in there?!

Source: dogwar123

#8. She Loves Them Double Stuffed

Source: acidcow

#9. Nothing to See Here

Source: acidcow

#10. She Got the Job

Source: acidcow

#11. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that surfing in a public fountain is illegal on so many levels.

Source: acidcow

#12. Toyota Camelry 2020

Source: imgur

#13. If you don’t trust this cop with your life then are you even a real human? Because he and his trusty unicorn steed have been fighting evil for centuries!

Source: Svetuun

#14. What do you know about frozen legs?

Source: Baldeagle33

#15. “Day 4: They still don’t realize I am not a puppy. The intrusion is on the full go.”

Source: asafeather

#16. Meanwhile, the Middle Ages came to the gym.

Source: TheDirectorsCut

#17. Mom of the year!

Source: imgur090

#18. “Work faster! The luxurious cat house will not be built by itself!”

Source: SingerSongwriter

#19. To catch a bird, you need to be a bird.

Source: Saturnix

#20. Nothing can stop the Russian car!

Source: imgur

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