20 Relatable Tweets About Money

Earlier this week, Chase Bank sent a tweet making fun of its clients who had small bank accounts. The tweet was quickly deleted after a barrage of criticism despite its humorous intent. It turns out that making fun of people's financial struggles doesn't exactly make them laugh.
On the other hand, these Twitter users are aware of the essential elements of a funny money tweet: it must be relevant, relatable, and slightly self-deprecating. Check out the 16 humorous tweets about money below to see what I mean.

#1. This kid's going places!

Source: RightConstable

#2. Rich parents?

Source: Elegant64AngleYou

#3. Your degree won't pay for itself

Source: dilettantedebrah

#4. Down Bad

Source: BrotherJannis

#5. Credit card machine aggression is real

Source: tacko_belle

#6. They can never know.

Source: EvonyR

#7. The cost of living was entirely different

Source: LavaWealth

#8. It was a good deal

Source: MiracleShadrack

#9. Whole rooms couldn’t be used.

Source: adhe_nsbdq23

#10. It’s not even month end yet

Source: O-shi

#11. Anyone who thinks I cannot be bought is wrong. I’ll get along with all the restless spirits you want for $80/hour

Source: Remarkable_Lecture74

#12. The snake isn’t the problem

Source: targaryenofvalyria

#13. Man’s got a point.

Source: gonebonkerz

#14. It will definitely

Source: sAkeLISc

#15. True Hr lady legend

Source: bdthomasmsncom

#16. This.

Source: dobbyisafreepup

#17. Auto-pay ? I don't know her

Source: imjustheretodomyjob

#18. Try for something substantive.

Source: JuggernautOwn89

#19. Haters to the 10th power

Source: Crescentnobody

#20. Protect your PIN number at the ATM machine

Source: [deleted]

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