20 Rare Things That You Can Only See Once In Your Entire Life

Have you ever met a stranger who looks like you before? Or maybe you saw a dog whose ear looks like his own face. In fact, there are many weird and rare occurrences that you consider to be exceedingly uncommon really occur rather frequently. Because this world is wonderful and full of mysteries, there are many things you might haven't seen before. Luckily, many people have posted rare things they spotted on the streets or at their houses online, and they are amazing.
We have compiled a list of the most interesting pictures. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourself. We are positive that they will make your jaw drop. Don't forget to vote for your favorite photos. If you have stumbled upon any surprising things before, please share them in the comments.
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#1. Beginning of the Rainbow!

Source: shurik177

#2. My dog’s ear looks like his own face

Source: Embeast

#3. This palm tree fell over and curved right back up

Source: d416

#4. My drive in to work this morning (I-90 in the Berkshire Mountains, MA)

Source: the-crooked-compass

#5. This absolutely perfect snowflake that fell on my coat

Source: zer0deathz

#6. Imprint from my boot (legs crossed) looks happy to see me!

Source: What-The-Hail007

#7. Unusual web

Source: mizkovi

#8. I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl

Source: miss421

#9. This close-up of my cat’s face looks like a Van Gogh

Source: firstname_m_lastname

#10. Reinforced concrete dissolved by years of dog urine

Rare ThingsSource: RandomUsername12123

#11. Mammatus Clouds. The most unusual clouds in the world

Rare ThingsSource: thetmp101

#12. Cave etching of a nude woman, believed to be 30,000 years old, found in Grotte de Cussac in France

Rare ThingsSource: Pazuzu_____

#13. Rainbow hit the water bowl of my cat

Rare ThingsSource: KyloRen3

#14. These clouds over this abandoned house look like they’re out of Courage the Cowardly Dog

Rare ThingsSource: Uninstall_Fetus

#15. This leaf fell to the ground this morning, the first day of Fall, with a smiley face eaten into it

Rare ThingsSource: urbanplowboy

#16. This very tiny frog I found by my pool today

Rare ThingsSource: ThatBandKid69

#17. A beer can fell out of our fridge and landed like this

Rare ThingsSource: brancoopyat

#18. Leafless tree with background clouds

Rare ThingsSource: VerGuy

#19. Lizard fell off my ceiling, hit my dusty lawnmower

Rare ThingsSource: Monterrey3680

#20. Nail of my right hand thumb grows with indents

Rare ThingsSource: Kretaks

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