20 Random Funny Pictures That Help You To Escape From Boredom

After a hard-working week, sometimes we just need a dose of vitamins 'smile' to refill our energy level and continue the race for money and fame. Luckily, we have really funny pictures that serve as a quick and easy cure because they will give you waves of laughter. After doing a little diving into the Internet, we have compiled a list of 20 random funny pictures that will help you to escape from boredom.
Now, let's take a minute to scroll down to check out these random funny pictures. They are way so funny that they will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Also, don't forget to vote for your favs and share these pictures with your friends to send them a good laugh. Because they laugh, you will laugh too.

#1. My sister thought this was a good way to stop her cat from destroying the Christmas tree

Source: trowelsoverdesks

#2. Not even a day after our dog had a mass removal, I ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Wife is taking care of both of us

Source: ninja996

#3. No comment

Source: Massive-Practice1805

#4. A bidet on the coast

Random Funny PicturesSource: Mtbguy56

#5. My wife loves movies but dislikes unnecessary sexual scenes. This is a gift she got from some work friends

Random Funny PicturesSource: andymannoh

#6. My wife and I recently attended a rave-themed 5K event. I took this picture of her standing in front of a light board...

Random Funny PicturesSource: tuesfoutumectuva

#7. Forgotten for 6 hours in the storm

Random Funny PicturesSource: BeeSullivan

#8. I had brain surgery and the bandage looks like a woman's pad

Random Funny PicturesSource: Time-for-rain

#9. Messi effect

Random Funny PicturesSource: livmau5

#10. RIP Shelbyville

Random Funny PicturesSource: tburns1469

#11. 10 for effort

Random Funny PicturesSource: Blxckdust

#12. Saw this downtown...

Random Funny PicturesSource: M3730R4

#13. Back in high school, my buddy and I really committed to the costume party

Random Funny PicturesSource: Skipperpete1776

#14. Big pant

Random Funny PicturesSource: Blxckdust

#15. Landlords are people??

Random Funny PicturesSource: xavierarmadillo

#16. My water bottle shrunk in the dishwasher. It’s now… something else

Random Funny PicturesSource: RavenBrannigan

#17. Parked my truck next to this car today

Random Funny PicturesSource: RuralRangerMA

#18. A resume my wife received this week

Source: Firmteacher

#19. There’s a yard sale!

Source: SupermanRR1980

#20. This is my Christmas present from my boss. I’m a 41-year-old man, and neither my first nor last names start with T

Source: country_boy_at_heart

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