20 Quirky Designs That Will Put A Grin On Your Face

You always think that inventors' thoughts are full of original and unique ideas, don't you? If you have ever thought this, we are sad to inform you that you are absolutely incorrect. Designers continuously astound us with their distinct and different inventions, but they are also humans, and their designs can sometimes be so strange that we don't understand what they did with them. When reading this post, you won't be able to overlook a pool float that looks like a maxi pad, a cabinet that won't open due to foolish design flaws, or stupid billboards. We promise you will laugh out loud at these quirky designs.
Take a look at 20 quirky designs that will put a grin on your face. What exactly are you waiting for? Let's go, guys!

#1. This comparison table is trying to compare two players in certain aspects of a sport

Source: durancharles27

#2. Oven timer dial with 4 minute increments

Source: MadsenUK

#3. A "public" bench

Source: jw00125s

#4. These airline seats are higher so you're legs bend at a slight angle, allowing more seats per plane. Personally I think they were designed by a sociopath

Source: championsplash

#5. No words, seriously

Source: Dizzilyrecast

#6. Leaning seats at a downtown bus stop

Source: tyw7

#7. So many stickers! Or not

Source: Wrong407

#8. The fortune in these fortune cookies

Source: Neverprim68

#9. What a discount!

Source: steal82

#10. You get charged if you even touch something

Source: -ChickenToast-

#11. This anti-homeless bench is also anti-usable my butt just slides off

Source: creativitability

#12. Won 2000 tickets fair and square, only getting about 1000 of them

Source: S1AUGH73R

#13. Went to order a cheap meal and wondered why my total was off… Thanks Wendy’s

Source: Tristan123511

#14. Can I ask why?

Source: OMFGWhyPlease

#15. Manila's slogan is "Screw pedestrians. Gotta fit more cars on the road"

Source: painforpetitdej

#16. But...why?

Source: DoubleTopknot343

#17. All beer three dollars! Until you look closer. (Miracle Mile shops, Las Vegas)

Source: Quezavious

#18. Hmm

Source: newsbeast.gr

#19. Some men just want to watch the world burn

Source: Imgur

#20. Really

Source: bigglobaltravel

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